NDAA Nullification, Health Freedom and Upcoming Events

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We’ve got about 3 hours of important info to pack into 60 minutes, or so! The biggie? The new NDAA nullification movement is moving forward. States, counties and towns are all starting to get on board. And one of the leaders in that effort is Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall, who joins us to talk about his bill to require Virginia non-compliance with the new federal kidnapping “law.”

We’ve also got a ton of big event announcements. We sent a few of those out in our latest newsletter on Monday – and a few more to share here in this episode.

Plus good friend of the Center, Robert Scott Bell joins us as a special co-host this week. He welcomes as guest, Dr. Nick Gonzalez. They discuss the FDA vs your freedom, the nature of government, history of tyrannies and more. Health freedom and political freedom intersect with RSB!

For far too long, we the people have accepted partisan hacks as people worthy of votes – and organizations worthy of support. We’re pretty sick of it.