Idaho is Next to Introduce Sound Money Legislation

Idaho has become the third state to introduce sound money legislation in the last 12 months.  Idaho HB430 was recently introduced by Rep. Phil Hart which declares:  “”Gold and silver coin” means all such “gold and silver Coin” as are allowable for a state (a) to “make …a Tender in Payment of Debts” under the…


NDAA Action Alert in Tennessee

Legislative Alert: NDAA Nullification/Sheriffs First Bill to Be Heard in Committee This Week

The combination NDAA/Sheriffs First bill HB 2619/SB 2669 is heading to the General Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 8.  This is the critical first step for the bill and we have to start swamping our legislators with contacts expressing our support for the bill, and demanding that our legislators do not weaken the bill by amending it.

To read more about the bill and what it does in nullifying not the just NDAA, but all unconstitutional actions of the federal government, click here.

Quite simply, this bill is Priority Number One here at TN-TAC.  Start contacting these legislators NOW to express your support, and let them know that you want the bill passed as written.  Remember to be polite and courteous, but firm in your contacts with our legislators.


Maryland’s Glenn Cites Tenth in New Drug Legislation

“WHEREAS, The General Assembly enacts this Act in accordance with its police power to enact legislation for the protection of the health of its citizens, as reserved to the State in the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution; now, therefore,”

…And then the bill goes on, letting the world know what will be permitted under Maryland law…in accordance with the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.  Powerful little amendment, I’d say.

It has also been a popular approach to the problem that every American currently faces, that being their central government’s insistence that DC is the ONLY place to approach and solve We the People’s problems.

Maryland House Delegate Cheryl Glenn (D-Baltimore) had found herself fed up with the bureaucratic process she was seeing- a process that had begun in the previous legislative session.  ‘Workgroups’ were assigned to study the problem of medical cannabis 12 months ago and then deliver a proposal to the state house.  Both had flaws that Glenn was not prepared to tolerate.  It’s understandable really, if you consider the number of complaints about drug policy she must hear as a representative of the people of Baltimore.

“As a legislator dedicated to addressing the needs of medical marijuana patients in Maryland, I am very disappointed in both legislative proposals being offered by the commissioned workgroup,” said Del. Glenn. “I am offering a different bill — what I believe is a common-sense approach to this issue, taking into account not only the needs of medical marijuana patients, but also the needs of the larger communities in which they live.”

The radical legislation that this maverick legislator is pushing?  In the big picture it is only a step in the process of addressing cannabis, with the establishment of lawful recognized medical applications.  Compassionate distribution systems are also created in this bill.

Readers of HB 15, the Maryland Medical Marijuana Act, will find a marked similarity in language and concept to a bill recently introduced in Idaho by conservative Republican Tom Trail.