Sheriff Mack: This is the Answer, This is the Solution

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sheriff Richard Mack will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Philadelphia. Get your tickets online here – – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS


Former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack ( closes out the January 31st public event in Las Vegas, Nevada. He explains how a county commissioner and a county sheriff are nullifying the NDAA and indefinite detention through resolution and action. Mack extols the commitment that the over 100 sheriffs have to uphold their oaths of office and that the purpose of this meeting was to show other sheriffs how they are already protecting the liberties of their people every day. He ends with an announcement of his candidacy for US Congress.


Virginians, Our Liberties Hang in the Balance


Most Libertarians have heard about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and its kidnapping (indefinite detention).

In December, Congress passed and the President signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Buried in NDAA’s hundreds of pages, Section 1021 purports to authorize the President to use the military to kidnap American citizens for suspicion of being terrorists. The President is REQUIRED to either hold them indefinitely, prosecute them before a military tribunal, or transfer them to a foreign country (rendition).

Section 1021 is a novel new power. It pretends that the United States is a battlefield and her citizens are enemy combatants who are not entitled to the protections of the Bill of Rights. We’re talking about…

* habeas corpus
* trial by jury
* representation by counsel
* confrontation of witnesses
* due process of law administered by impartial judges

Good people have taken this fight to the state level. Del. Bob Marshall, of Virginia, submitted an anti-detention (anti-kidnapping) bill, HB 1160. The official summary of 1160…


Utah Lands Bill Hearing on February 28, 2012

via Utah State Rep, Ken Ivory: We are pleased to announce that  HB148 Transfer of Public Lands Act by Rep. Ken Ivory and the supporting HJR3 Joint Resolution on Federal Transfer of Public Lands passed through the Natural Resources Committee hearing last week and should be heard on the House floor sometime tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28,…