Bridging the Divide, Nullifying NDAA

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Michael Boldin and Jason Rink hosted a show set for a task of bridging the gap between the political Left and Right. Would it, could it, should it be the NDAA issue that brings everyone together?

At the YouTube channel TomWoodsTV Tom Woods says Demand Progress, a liberal political action group, is very comfortable signing onto a coalition finding ways to nullify NDAA’s kidnapping provisions. And Bryce Shonka, Deputy Director of TAC led a conference call with Bruce Fein, Matt Shay, and Naomi Wolf TAC and Bill of Rights Defense Committee for the media. Shonka reports that “Two groups started off never having to work together before” and then putting “together a really good product.”

This very Tenther Radio Blog was being typed by Nick Hankoff when Host Boldin asked for an update on this tenther’s day so far. This writer just happened to take a tour of the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve two hours prior.

Jason Rink has copies of the smash hit documentary film Nullification: The Rightful Remedy over at for per-order but you won’t have to wait if you pick up yours at Nullify Now! Philadelphia on March 31.

Robin Koerner, Huffington Post blogger responsible for the squeak of freedom on that site joined the show as the first guest. He says “people are so ready for what’s not just the Donkey-Elephant game.” Koerner quipped “Let’s try less Capitolism and more capitalism.”