Leading the Way in Arizona

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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann cover some big news in the Tenther Movement. Arizona is on the verge of becoming the 2nd state to reject NDAA, and the Missouri House just approved Constitutional Tender by a wide margin.

They also talk about a few upcoming events – in MA and CA over the coming week.

The first guest of the show, Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen. She’s the prime sponsor of SB1182 there, the anti-NDAA bill which just passed the house and senate – and is awaiting a signature from Jan Brewer.

“This state and any agency of this state shall not provide material support or participate in any way with the implementation of sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012,  Public Law 112-81, against any citizen of the United States.”

When Senator Allen was asked what motivated her, she responded, “It was to try to protect the due process protections in our Constitution for the citizens of the United States.”