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In Los Angeles, Michael Boldin is joined in studio by Nick Hankoff, Jason Rink and John Michaels. They talk about mainstream media attacks, and the Nullify the NDAA event in LA on May 3rd.

Eddie Allen joins the show to talk about sound money and taking action yourself.

A new show segment – “Idiot Comments of the Week” – highlights recent feedback from the WSJ and on our facebook page – plus a little response to each.

Michael Boldin closes the show with a rebuttal to a neocon attack in the Washington Post.

Referring to the Wall Street Journal piece, Nick Hankoff chimed in, “They are against the left/right paradigm might work together at all.  They want bi-partisanship in Washington DC.  They don’t want actual real grass roots coalitions down working at the bottom.  The point is that they are hypercritical and contradictory in every single way.”


Nullify ObamaCare in Missouri!

We have clearly learned that the liberty movement can accomplish a lot when we work together. Just recently liberty activists:

  • Killed the Obamacare Insurance Exchange Bill
  • Stopped Missouri from accepting a $50 million grant that would have been used to build the computer system needed for an Obamacare Exchange
  • Advanced the Health Care Freedom Amendment
  • Advanced a Sound Money bill
  • Helped stop the bill that sets up a prescription drug monitoring database
  • and more…

Now we have a chance to lead the nation with the first bill that truely and completely nullifies Obamacare!

This bill is not just about the so-called Affordable Care Act — it is about the states finally telling the federal government that we’re not going to sit by and allow them to trash the Constitution and the principles of federalism any longer.

To make HB 1534, the Obamacare nullification bill, a Senate priority we are going to have to muster a great show of force.  The best way to do that right now is with a huge quantity of witness forms for Tuesday’s hearing.  


Postal Reform: A Telling Survey

First-class mail is the USPS’s most profitable product. Thus, the large – and permanent – drop in first-class mail volume has the USPS facing red ink as far as the eye can see. The U.S. Postal Service’s inspector general recently reported its findings from focus group discussions held with high-volume first-class mailers and mail service providers. The…