Two-Party Tyranny

Frequently, when I challenge the propriety of requiring mandatory sexual assaults or pornographic pictorial consent to fly the “friendly skies,” I am answered with a non-answer – the TSA is a Republican creation. Similarly, when I  oppose bailouts, I am confronted by the claim that many bailouts happened under Bush. These are just two of countless incidences of people defending the indefensible with the non-defense of, “This is a ‘bi-partisan’ policy.” That is to say, “Our predecessor did this – so it should be OK for us to as well.”

This defense lies along the most vapid of logic! It is as if to say that ‘since my predecessor took it upon himself to steal, murder, cheat and violate the Constitution (and even though I ran my campaign under the premise that this was wrong) I am now in the right to carry on in this way as well!’ Carried to it’s logical conclusion… under THIS logic, there can be no objective behavioral standards placed upon our elected officials! Because the standards would always be  compared to the last set of elected officials. They would constantly be degraded… as the next official pushes the envelope beyond where it was for his predecessor.

The “party-comparison/he-did-it/she-did-it” defense cannot possibly be a real defense! If you just compare yourself to the other party (and not the Constitution), then you only justify your own misbehavior by the misbehavior of your opponent. The fact is, you can find members of both parties that believe in any given policy position, at any given time. You can find both Democrats and Republicans who are pro-gun control, pro-life and/or pro-war…. because both parties obviously have members who may support any given violation of the Constitution. No one party has a monopoly on the Constitution – and you cannot justify unconstitutional actions by the Federal Government on the basis of precedent. In other words, it can not justify your violation(s) of the Constitution to say that a member of the other party also thinks a particular policy to be “Constitutional” or not!


A Pennsylvania Success Story

In the 2007/2008 legislative session, PA State Senator Folmer and 15 other Senators sponsored SB1220, “An Act relating to compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act of 2005 and other laws involving biometric and economic privacy”.   Representative Sam Rohrer, and more than 90 other representatives sponsored HB1351.  Some of those representatives (including one of our favorite Supremacy Clause advocates) discuss the legislation in this 2008 video:

Neither bill passed.

In the 2009/2010 legislative session, similar legislation was introduced as HB1443 and SB621.  These also didn’t pass.

In the 2010/2011 session, Senator Folmer introduced SB354 and Representative Keller introduced HB1783


ACTION ALERT: Nullify ObamaCare in Missouri!

House Bill 1534 (HB1534), the Missouri Obamacare Nullification Act, is moving in the state Senate – and needs your help to pass today! Already passed in the House by a wide margin last month, 108 to 44, the bill passed out of committee on Wednesday and will be up for a full Senate vote soon.

The bill “Declares the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as unauthorized by the United States Constitution and creates criminal penalties for persons enforcing or attempting to enforce the act.”

HB1534 is not just about the so-called Affordable Care Act — it is about the states finally telling the federal government that we’re not going to sit by and allow them to trash the Constitution and the principles of federalism any longer.