Tom Woods, Paul Armentano on Tenther Radio

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Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann cover the news of the Tenther Movement – NDAA nullification on Jan Brewer’s desk, local activism and election strategies. John Lambert jumps on to chat about plans for the Texas Tenth Amendment Center going in to the 2013 legislative session as well.

Tom Woods returns to Tenther Radio in the 4th segment to talk education. He doesn’t just talk about how the education system in this country is bad, which we all know – but he’s building a new project that could help develop a model to beat the government school system…and do an end-run around the establishment.

“I am going to use the internet to go over the heads of a lot of these professors and I’m going to teach people real American History.  With people I trust like Kevin Gutzman, we are going to teach real history, real economics , and where people can find the time?  They can learn in their car. You can just get the stuff from our site.  You can put it in your car and drive around.”

Paul Armentano from NORML is back on the show in the 2nd segment to talk about how Obama broke his promise to his base and has been extremely aggressive on medical marijuana in the states. But there appears to be some good news on that front too, primarily in Connecticut.


17 and Counting. Connecticut Defies DC

Approximately one week ago, I wrote a blog entry discussing Connecticut House Bill 5389, which would allow for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in Connecticut. On Saturday, the bill was passed by the state Senate and is now headed off to Governor Dannel P. Malloy who has openly stated that he plans on signing it into law.

Connecticut will become the 17th state (plus D.C.) to defy D.C. edicts and legalize medicinal marijuana.

Most important now though is that fellow Tenthers like you and I, show support for legalized medicinal marijuana both in Connecticut and in our own states. We must continue taking this battle to the streets. Medical marijuana is perhaps the most important issue in terms of state rights for two main reasons:

1) The federal government want to punish marijuana users as criminals. As a result, legal medicinal marijuana in now 16 (and soon 17) states is a very big slap in Uncle Sam’s face.