Our Duty to Resist

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Michael Boldin is joined by Nick Hankoff to kick off TRX: Tenther Radio’s 50th show.  There is plenty of exciting news, not the least of which is that TRX is joining the Natural News Radio network next week.  Because of this TRX is shifting time slots to 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific.  Starting next week, listeners will be able to join us at www.naturalnewsradio.com – along with http://radio.tenthamendmentcenter.com.

Nick Hankoff is working with the Los Angeles Republican Liberty Caucus to host a screening of the movie Nullification: The Rightful Remedy.  RSVP at http://nullificationmovienight.eventbrite.com.

Lesley Swann joins the show briefly to talk about Hemp History Week and her article Hemp History Week: Celebrating the Most Useful Plant on Earth! currently on the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center web site.  It will be running on the national site later this week.

Robert Baker joins Michael and Nick to discuss his book The Rescue of Joshua Glover: A Fugitive Slave, the Constitution, and the Coming of the Civil War. Baker is an Associate Professor at Georgia State University. In the preface of his book he explains that, “Deeply embedded in the American Revolution was the concept that the people, properly organized, might act on their own.”