True Believers Will Not Be Tolerated

Nowhere will you find more bipartisan cooperation between the political parties than in the protection of incumbents. These fraternities of political elites guard their domain with all legal and in some cases illegal means at their disposal.

Both parties look with disdain at “True Believers”. Oh, they will use them and talk their language but they never will become one themselves. “True Believers” think that what is needed is limited government, term limits and the Tenth Amendment, all the things that would limit the powers of incumbents and political parties. These “True Believers” are cajoled, flattered and made to feel that what they want is what the parties want also, but to the parties they are nothing but “useful idiots.”

As Tip O’Neill was reported to have said – “All politics is local.” And when it comes to running for state or local offices nothing could be more true. You want to run for political office then you had better make your intentions known and ask for the parties blessing. You will be required to court all the “right people” and to kiss the ring of the party chairman.

The Party will tolerate a lot of the Tea Party small government nonsense as long as they know you understand that if elected you will do what the Party leadership demands. But what they will not tolerate is you running against one of the parties faithful, an incumbent. But if you actually believe in small government and want to run against one of their own, that is blasphemy and will be fought against with everything in their power.

These “Political Party Incumbent Protection Plans” are put into high gear during the primaries. There will be no deviation from the party line and preservation of the status quo is paramount. This happens all across America but the most blatant example is what is happening in South Carolina. 179 Candidates Thrown Off Ballot for Minor Technicality since then even more Tea Party, limited government, Tenth Amendment Constitutionalist and other candidates going up against established long time incumbents in both parties were thrown off the June 12 Primary Ballot. Because of a poorly written law concerning paperwork filling the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled, …“if challengers do not file correctly, they risk invalidating their candidacy. However, if incumbents file incorrectly, they are fined $100 and continue with their campaigns.”


The Future for the Liberty Movement

The Ron Paul Revolution is no longer about a single man who embodies the ideas we all believe in…it is about all of us who believe in the ideas of Liberty. It’s about finding one another where we live, closest to our homes, families, communities, cities, counties and states to move into positions of power and of leadership and influence. The Ron Paul Revolution is no longer about getting the right President, now it’s about the right Mayor and city councilmen/women. It’s about thinking multi-generationally right wehre we live, like man we all have adored for his steadfastness despite not seeing all of it come to fruition in his time as an elected official.

It’s about electing a Constitution Sheriff in your county and MINE! It’s about removing fderal strangleholds on our local businesses and protecting property rights of individuals from the abuse of corporatism. It’s about Constitutional money at the state level. It’s no longer about being an “American” for Liberty, but a Floridian (my home state) and a Georgian and an Alaskan and a Texan for Liberty.

The movement MUST move from there (D.C.) to here (your home town and state) and from “back then” (1776) to right now.

In Florida, we have started Liberty Take Over for the specific purpose of electing Liberty candidates to the most local and state-wide positions we can throughout Florida.

How are we are doing with our goal of electing Liberty Candidates:


Poll: 24% of Americans Believe in Right of Secession; but Is It Necessary?

Twenty-four percent (24%) of American adults believe states have the right to secede from the union and form an independent country, according to a recent survey conducted by polling professionals Rasmussen Reports.

In its telephone survey of 1,000 American adults conducted May 29-30, Rasmussen pollsters asked respondents the following question: “Do individual states have the right to leave the United States and form an independent country?”

The percentage of those answering yes to that question has increased by 10 percent in the two years since the same question wasasked in a previous poll.

In a statement released concurrent with the publication of the poll results, Scott Rasmussen (founder and president of Rasmussen Reports) said that the surprising responses indicated that Americans have “serious and growing concern about the federal government.”

That such a sentiment has grown so popular is to be expected given the decline in economic prosperity and the increase of the authoritarian surveillance state. Americans daily witness the usurpation of power by a never-surfeited federal government. State sovereignty is spoken of only in context of a now extinct notion of federalism, a relic from our republican past.

In a statement made to, Rasmussen also alluded to the burgeoning frustration with the federal government as a reason for the results.

“We do see that people are concerned about the federal government in a variety of ways. Fifty-one percent believe that it’s a threat to individual liberties.”

“It may just be part of a growing frustration with other aspects of the federal government,” he continued. “But I think it’s important to keep it in perspective, growing to 24 percent still means that only one out of four Americans think that states have the right to secede, it’s not that they’re advocating for it,” he clarified.