Kentucky petition calling for federal health care nullification

I find a silver lining in the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – it apparently woke a lot of people up. Across the nation, I hear talk of non-compliance with and outright nullification of the PPACA.

Many Americans counted on the Supreme Court to protect them from overreaching federal power. The Court clearly demonstrated that depending on part of the federal government to restrain the power of the federal turns out to be a pretty nonsensical position.

Thomas Jefferson said that the states were not united on a principle of unlimited submission to the general government and when the feds take on powers not delegated, the act is unauthoritative, void and of no force. He called state nullification “the rightful remedy.”

In Kentucky, Jordan Palmer created a petition calling for state legislators to recite a pledge to the Commonwealth and urging the Kentucky legislature to nullify the PPACA.

The proposed pledge asserts the state’s sovereignty.


“Vote the Bums Out” Is Not the Answer

This is an e-mail I wrote to a local grassroots leader earlier.  It is written in response to the supreme court ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act .  As long as I wrote it…  may as well go ahead and post it.  Sorry for letting a couple grammar errors sneak past.  Cross posted from the Pennsyvlania Tenth Amendment Center.

Plain and simple, Washington is never going to fix Washington. Not today, not next week, and not after November. If we’re going to depend on a campaign to get (R)s elected in November to fix this problem, then we’re destined to be disappointed (and enslaved). The simple fact is that everyone in Washington, (R) and (D), now believes that they work for a benign, but totalitarian government. They are determined to use their power “for good”, but they’re not about to give up their power.

Hell… it’s taken the house an entire year just to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Holder for his stonewalling with regards to “Operation Fast and Furious”. And we know that the Senate will do nothing after contempt charges leave the House. It’s a masquerade. Do we really want to trust these people to protect our Liberty? The idea of a limited government with enumerated powers is not even on their radar.

We have burned — two entire years! — waiting for the Supreme Court to betray us. How long do we now wait to be betrayed by the Congress?


Where Reasonable Doubt of ‘Evil’ Exists, Choose Liberty

America’s criminal jurisprudence rests on this universally-accepted principle: when reasonable doubt exists as to an alleged “evil”, we must choose liberty not government intrusion and punishment. This principle upholds the value of individual liberty and effectively limits State intrusion. Sadly, Montana’s criminal laws regarding marijuana reject this principle. Instead, Montana’s laws choose government intrusion over…