Time to Turn it up a Notch

An Open Letter to the Members of the Tennessee General Assembly – use as a template to write legislators in your own state!

It’s time for our efforts to nullify Obamacare in Tennessee to pick up steam.  Our next step is to start a campaign to contact legislators to let them know that we expect them to act quickly to stop Obamacare’s implementation in Tennessee.  It is imperative that the legislators at a minimum refuse to cooperate and implement Obamcare via Exchanges or any other means.  If the states implement the exchanges state funds come into play, but if states refuse to implement the exchanges then they will be entirely federally funded.  Since the federal government doesn’t have the money to implement the exchanges in every state, without state cooperation Obamacare falls apart.

The best course of action is for the state legislature to pass a legally binding nullification of the illegal and unconstitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  A sample template letter is below that you can use to send to your state legislators.  Just copy and paste the text below, or write your own letter if you prefer.  If you are not certain who your state legislator is, click here to use the Find Your Legislator tool on the Tennessee General Assembly’s web site.

If you haven’t already, click on the “Sign Petition” button on the right hand side of the page to sign the Nullify Obamacare in Tennessee Petition.

Template Letter to Tennessee Legislators

To all those who are elected to serve the people of Tennessee, under an oath to stand for the Constitution:

When the Constitution was young in 1798, the Alien and Sedition Acts were passed, which featured a provision that made speaking ill of the government a crime. Kentucky, led by Thomas Jefferson, and Virginia, led by James Madison, helped pass nullification resolutions in opposition of the  unconstitutional legislation.  Fast forward five decades and multiple northern states took a stand to nullify the pro-slavery fugitive slave laws, federal legislation that demanded runaway slaves be returned to their owners.


Congress, President and the Supreme Court Continue to Nullify the Constitution

Without question, the Constitution was an agreement amongst the several States- not between the states and an existing government. The States created the government and gave it some specific duties and limitations. This is not some case of misunderstanding between a servant government and unhappy constituents.

It is a progressive and clear power grab from the very group that were given very specific duties and told not involve itself in other areas. This is exactly what the Anti-federalist feared when signing off the Constitution and the Federalist assured  would not happen. The Anti-Federalist were persuaded that if the federal government went too far, they (the States) would be exonerated from complying.

Obviously, this promise was long ago conveniently forgotten and a reversal of authority has transpired. This has not happened without the collusion and the complicity of the various parts of the government – even the ones that were supposed to protect the States,as provided in the Constitution. The Supreme Court, Congress and the many Presidents – (not just the current one)- have been more than willing to nullify the Constitution. When the States have been pitted against the mother ship, we should not be surprised that the Supreme Court has backed the Death Star. The latest Supreme Court decision is just one on a long list of failures to reign in the federal government.

Therefore, we need to spend less time worrying about whether the media or the Congress or the President, or the Supreme Court will agree with the concept of the States employing nullification as a push back tool. They won’t. We should not expect any of these groups to all of a sudden see the light and become repentant; just the opposite in fact. When a spoiled child receives the news he is no longer in charge of the household, there are sure to be tantrums.


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