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The key to advancing the cause of liberty is activism. Organizing is hard and often thankless work. But – there are those willing to dedicate their time and energy. They put aside their time for freedom….for all of us.

Tonight, we talk with one of our best young activists in the country, Maine Tenth Amendment Center chapter coordinator, Chris Dixon. Chris has been making inroads and connections with groups often not interested in liberty..and we hear a little about what makes up his secret sauce.

During the news segment of the show, the hosts discussed New Hampshire passing a law protecting jury nullification.  Lesley Swann described jury nullification as, “It offers juries the opportunity to judge not only the facts of a case …but actually the jury can judge the law, and they can choose in specific cases set aside the law.”


California: Nullification is the Rightful Remedy

After the recent “TAX” ruling from the Supreme Court, conservatives everywhere are calling on people to do what Founding Fathers like Jefferson and Madison advised – look to our states to protect our liberty against an out of control federal government (the courts too).

Filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the esteemed Dr. Walter E. Williams said “the states should nullify Obamacare”

An article in The American Spectator said the states are “our last best hope.”

And the National Review tells us that against Obamacare, “Governors and state legislators are the real heroes in this fight.”

If you want to learn about what you can do right NOW to follow this advice, don’t miss the TO Tea Party’s special event on July 17th. We’ll be hosting a free screening of the explosive new documentary film, Nullification: the Rightful Remedy.


The Washington State Health Care Freedom Act

Last year, the Washington State Health Care Freedom Act of 2011 was introduced in the Washington legislature. Despite all the efforts of governor Gregoire paving the way for implementation of the health care exchange in our state, the fight is just beginning. You can help us by signing the petition in support of nullifying Obamacare.…


Can States Opt out of Unconstitutional Federal Laws?

The U.S. Constitution requires that states remain a republic and gives the federal government authorization to mandate such (Art. IV, sec. 4), but does it work the other way? Can the states require that the federal government remain a republic and not turn into a socialist state? With the Affordable Care Act one seventh of the economy is turned over to the federal government.

Such is the question posed by Arizona in a new initiative for the November ballot. If passed it would give Arizonians two ways of ignoring federal law that exceeds the constitutional powers of the federal government as identified in the U.S. Constitution, either by vote of the Arizona Legislature with the signature of the Governor, or, by the people through a ballot measure. All other powers “are reserved to the States, or to the people,” as noted in Amendment 10 of the Constitution.

Arizona acknowledges the U.S. Constitution as “the Supreme law of the land” but will add to her state constitution language prohibiting the U. S. Constitution from being violated by any government, including the federal government.


Kill it now, Kill it here

After burning 2 years waiting for the Supreme Court to stab us in the back, at least we know one thing now.  We are on our own.  Why should we have thought otherwise; after all in the 60 years between the mid 1930s, and the mid 1990s the Supremes did not strike down one law from the federal government.

After Republican presidents ran 7 out of the last 11 administrations, if they haven’t been able to stack the courts to give us a “strict constructionist” court yet, why should we expect them to in the future. Worse yet, the Chief Justice most conservatives thought for sure would strike this law down turned out to be just another statist turn coat.

Now the establishment wants us to just wait till November and elect Romney (of Romneycare fame) so he can repeal Obamacare and replace it.  Replace it with what?  I say rather than wait till November, and elect somebody who will stack the court with more just like Roberts, we take a page out of Thomas Jefferson’s playbook, and stop it here at home!

When the Adams administration passed a law making it illegal to criticize public officials. Jefferson didn’t wait till November to vote them out. Jefferson did not sue the Federal government in the Federal Supreme Court.  Jefferson took action, and passed a law making enforcement of this unconstitutional act a crime in his state.

Already Florida, Louisiana and Wisconsin have refused to set up state exchanges.  Many states have passed laws making it illegal to force their citizens to buy health insurance.  We can do it here too.  Please sign this petition to show your support.


Bringing the Republicans back to their nullification roots

The following article by Mike Maharrey appeared early this week in the Daily Caller Could the recent Supreme Court ruling on the federal health care act bring conservative Republicans back to their state-sovereignty, nullification roots? It just might. Last week, two major conservative publications — National Review and The American Spectator — featured stories flirting…


Obama the Nullifier?

President Barack Obama?  No, but just as shockingly, First Lady Michelle Obama has encouraged defiance of the federal government (h/t Godfather Politics).

The First Lady may not be familiar with the intricacies of getting state legislatures to pass bills or even non-binding resolutions, mobilizing sheriffs or persuading juries, but remember the generally accepted definition of nullification among the Tenther movement is any action or group of actions that has the effect of rendering a federal law null, void and unenforceable.  And it need not be one of the methods usually promoted by the Tenth Amendment Center.

Current IRS regulations on non-profit organizations such as religious denominations forbid houses of worship from being used to endorse or campaign for a particular candidate.  Many also suggest it is against the tax code for houses of worship to be too active in the debate on specific issues.  For example, the Catholic Church and many Evangelical groups in particular have been accused of violating tax codes by being vocally in support of California’s 2008 Proposition 8 or opposed to forcing Catholic employers to include abortion and contraception coverage in their health insurance plans.

Thankfully, our First Lady believes very strongly that religious groups should openly defy that government agency that Maine Governor Paul LePage has recently called “the new Gestapo” and say what they want when they want. If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at Mrs. Obama’s own words to the African Methodist Episcopal Church Conference:


Everyone is Important in the Fight Against Tyranny

There are a lot of really great, knowledgeable, eloquent folks who work with the Tenth Amendment Center nationwide. It blows my mind that I work with such a tremendous group of people, who encourage me despite the fact that I feel like the dumb kid in the class. Of course, I realize that that is part of the brilliance of the movement.

No matter who you are, or what you feel qualified to do, you have a place in this. The most important thing is that you understand the Constitution. Everybody has at least one person they share ideas with, which means that as you learn and share, you are also educating someone else. You might think that other person isn’t likely to become involved. It could be your mom, friend, coworker, or 14 year old cousin. Most people aren’t stupid. Willfully ignorant at times, but not stupid. At some point they are going to see what’s going on out there, and your words are going to come back to them. What you say, matters. You don’t even know how much or who you might be influencing, just by talking to your friends about the Constitution.

Each of us starts somewhere. I personally did not foresee myself doing this. I happened to stumble upon the Tenth Amendment Center one day, and after a few weeks of gleaning valuable resources and great information from them,  I knew that I had to become involved in helping to get the word out.


The Constitution is not Self-Enforcing.

NOTE: The following was submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State as “The Argument in Support of the Checks and Balances Ballot Proposition” on July 10, 2012. If approved for the ballot in November, 2012, this would be published in a brochure accompanying the ballot question.

Thomas Jefferson stated “The government created by this compact [the US Constitution] was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers”

That is why the founders limited the Supremacy Clause to only those federal laws made “in pursuance” of the US Constitution. All federal laws not in pursuance of the limited powers delegated to the federal government in the US Constitution are, by definition, not supreme – and not laws at all.

The founding fathers knew that free elections, separation of powers, and the bill of rights were important protections to our liberties; but that the most important protection was the People themselves in their respective states.