Pennsylvania Action Alert: Petition to Governor Corbett

Short version: Sign here! to tell Governor Corbett not to implement the PPACA health care exchange in Pennsylvania.  If Washington wants it, let Washington do it.  For more information, the e-mail which came in from Americans for Prosperity of Pennsylvania is below.

If the Left thinks we freedom fighters are going to be upset, angry or defeated by yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling…they need to think again.

Last night we had two incredibly successful “Hands Off My Healthcare: The Reckoning” Townhall events here in Pennsylvania and it’s all thanks to you!

It was standing room only at the “Hands Off” events in Harrisburg and Philadelphia last night.  Nearly 200 great activists showed up to show that the fight for freedom is far from over! It was a proud moment to stand with all of you in solidarity.

Just outside of Philadelphia in Washington Crossing, more than 100 of you signed a petition to send to Congress demanding a FULL REPEAL of the President’s healthcare law! We know this is just ONE BATTLE in the long and epic fight for freedom.


Nullification Is The Answer!

Plain and simple, Washington is never going to fix Washington.

Not today.

Not next week.

And not after November.

If we’re going to depend on a campaign to get (R)’s elected in November to fix this problem, then we’re destined for disappointment (and enslavement). The simple fact is that everyone in Washington, (R) and (D), now believes that they work for a benign, but totalitarian government. They are determined to use their power “for good”, and they’re not about to give up their power.

Hell, it’s taken the house an entire year to bring contempt charges against Attorney General Holder for his stonewalling with regards to “Operation Fast and Furious.” And we know that the Senate will do nothing after contempt charges leave the House. It’s a masquerade. Do we really want to trust these people to protect our Liberty? The idea of a limited government with enumerated powers is not even on their radar.


Don’t forget to Celebrate July 6th.

On July 6th, 1775, the Continental Congress adopted: A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North-America, Now Met in Congress at Philadelphia, Setting Forth the Causes and Necessity of Their Taking Up Arms. The following was written by Thomas Jefferson: “We are reduced to the alternative of chusing an unconditional submission to…


Walter Williams: Nullify Obamacare in your State!

Walter E. Williams filling in for Rush Limbaugh on July 5, 2012. “American citizens should press their governors and state legislators to nullify Obamacare.” “We don’t have to obey Obamacare because it’s unconstitutional – regardless of what the Supreme Court says.” “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void” Play…


Supreme Nonsense

The US Supreme Court has proven once again that it has no interest in upholding the US Constitution.

PPACA is absolutely and completely unconstitutional and should have been struck down in its entirety.   Chief Justice Roberts went out of his way to save it by accepting the government’s argument that the mandate could be viewed as a tax.  In essence, this “law” was rewritten by the court to ensure its survival.

This tax/penalty applies to a certain class of people who by choice go without health insurance. It is enforced by the IRS, and don’t worry, it’s not really a large amount of money anyway.  Gee, thanks.  Roberts’ opinion (p. 32 of the Court document) states, “The question is not whether that is the most natural interpretation of the mandate, but only whether it is a ‘fairly possible’ one… As we have explained, ‘every reasonable construction must be resorted to, in order to save a statute from unconstitutionality’.”

Those who put their hopes in the federal supreme court to rescue them from the federal government are probably still in shock, but should have expected this outcome by now.  The biggest mistake today is the assumption that the US Supreme Court has the final say on what’s constitutional, and the states must just sit there and take it.  Not so.


If You Have an Ally, Don’t Go It Alone

Cross posted from the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center.

There is a point that I think I’ve been trying to get to for much of the time that I’ve been working with the Tenth Amendment Center.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve done a very good job at getting there.  I’ve written a few articles that skirted past it and danced around it, but I kept missing this particular target.  It’s something that we probably all know, but maybe we don’t all know that we know it.

I got close to this idea it in The Individual and the Tenth, where I talked about the role of the individual in resisting the federal government during the “Whiskey Rebellion”.  Apparently, though, I didn’t really have things clear enough in my own mind at the time, because I only got part way there.  It came closer to the surface some time last year, when I drew up this diagram, intended to depict the proper Constitutional balance of power.