Stinkin Thinkin: President Encourages Americans to Covet

When Julius Caesar was Rome’s Pontifus Maximus (Chief Priest), he had eyes on quashing the Senate and arguably, becoming the Emperor. One of his tactics was to offer a bread allowance to the common man, and it worked as the people were fooled into thinking that they had someone looking out for them. Julius’ rise continued as he was perceived as a “man of the people.” It is this type of divisive strategy that the current administration is trying. “My plan… is to ask for the wealthy to pay a little bit more.” (President Obama, 2012). It is an enticing bit of political strategy.  The ‘If you elect me I will take from the rich and give it to you’ appeal is not a new tactic and seems quite desperate.

However, there is one big difference with Obama’s latest pitch, in that it is usually the rhetoric of an outsider hoping to get into power or someone looking to move up the ladder. It is not usually the cry of someone who has been in charge for almost four years. If the Obama administration had shown any success in the past four years at turning around unemployment and productivity in the United States, this type of shameless encouragement to covet would not be “necessary”.


More Republicans?

It’s an old mantra, at least as old as I can remember.  “We need to vote in more Republicans and get control.”  You’ve heard it before.  If we can only regain control then we can fix everything.  But I always end up asking myself, what happened?  I swallowed the bait and marched into that booth determined to change the tide on out of control entitlement programs and elected officials sending me all over the globe to police the world.  The election is over, the Republicans are in charge and along comes Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, the Patriot Act and a couple trillion dollars in debt.

Most recently, a new class of Republicans ran for office in the mid-term elections, promising to be more fiscally responsible and to return to our constitutional roots.  I wondered what exactly constitutional roots were.  I thought that the Constitution was still law, often broken and ignored, but still law.  But best of all was the proclamation that all of these “constitutional” conservatives could get behind:  “We will do everything in our power to either repeal or Obamacare or defund it.”

The election was a landslide, plenty of new Republicans and a couple of old ones replaced.  But what happened?  Did they attempt to repeal Obamacare?  Yes 30 times, but everyone knew that there was a Presidential veto that would stop that.  OK, let’s look at option 2.  Did more and new Republicans defund it?  They control the House of Representatives, and we all know that all expenditures must originate in the House.  But it didn’t get defunded; something else happened – a couple of debt ceiling increases.  What part of the campaign pledge promised to enslave my children and grandchildren with a debt that they will never see paid off?  Surely that wasn’t part of returning to our constitutional roots, was it?

Then we awaited word from the Oracles to make their pronunciation and Chief Justice John Roberts does the unimaginable.  He decides to mold the Constitution to fit the legislation.  Where exactly did that authority come from?  Nowhere is the Supreme Court granted the power to interpret the Constitution and make it fit law.  They are supposed to interpret law and determine if it fits the Constitution.  Well, I never trusted men in dresses anyway, black or red.


Peter Schiff Opens Hard-Money Bank

This is a real bank, that deals in real money.

In other words, you can open accounts in any denomination you want, whether fiat currency OR gold bullion — whatever you’d like.

You can even get a “gold debit card” that you can use anywhere in the world. It’s backed by actual gold, which converts to whatever currency you’re needing at the time you hit that ATM.

It’s the sort of thing that the Constitutional Tender Act calls for in banking…

…Well, there is one caveat: you can’t open an account at this bank if you’re a U.S. citizen.

U.S. security laws have become so intrusive, burdensome, and expensive to comply with, that it made it difficult for Schiff to offer his services to his non-U.S. clients on a globally-competitive basis. So, he opened his bank offshore, in St. Vincents and the Grenadines. Since it operates outside the jurisdiction of U.S. security regulations, and does not accept accounts from American citizens or residents, U.S. regulations don’t apply.