Don’t go down shooting. Nullify!

I hear it all the time, especially from my conservative friends.

The bluster.

The defiance.

The tough-guy edicts.

“They’ll never take my guns!” they declare. “Not unless they pry them out of my cold dead hands.”

But I think Jim Karger got it right in a July 31 column published over at Lew Rockwell.

“And, when I hear this crazy talk, I agree with them openly. ‘You are right. They will pry your gun from your cold dead hands,’ which I often follow with the question, ‘And where will that leave you except face down in a pool of your own blood in the middle of the street, just another dead fool resisting the State?’”

Let’s be brutally honest. If a SWAT team comes rolling down your street demanding your guns, you will either meekly give them up, or you will end up a bloody corpse. Even the well-armed civilian will not win a gun battle with police armed with military style weapons, top-grade body armor and riding in virtual tanks.


TrapWire: The Federal Gov’t is Literally Watching Every Move You Make

The U.S. government exercises control over a massive and technologically advanced surveillance system that has the capacity to keep nearly the entire population of this country under the watchful eye of government 24 hours a day.

TrapWire is the name of this newly revealed network of cameras and other surveillance tools being utilized by a federal government that is rapidly constructing an impenetrable, inescapable theater of surveillance, most of which is going unnoticed by Americans and unreported by the mainstream media.

Unlike other elements of the central government’s cybersurveillance program, word about TrapWire was not leaked by Obama administration insiders. The details of this nearly unbelievable surveillance scheme were made public by WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy group founded by Julian Assange.

The TrapWire story percolated from the millions of emails from the Austin, Texas-based private intelligence-gathering firm Stratfor, published this year by WikiLeaks.

Covering correspondence from mid-2004 to 2011, these documents expose Stratfor’s “web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods.”

This coterie of Stratfor co-conspirators are apparently angry about the leaks, considering that the WikiLeaks servers have been under near-constant Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks since the TrapWire revelations began attracting notice of alternative journalists. Some outlets report that the cyberattacks are being carried out by agents of the American intelligence community determined to prevent the full depth of this scandal from being explored by reporters.


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Dear Friends,

The June Supreme Court decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was disappointing, but not surprising.  After all, the Supreme Court is a branch of the Federal Government.  It can surely not be a surprise that nine employees of the Federal Government found in favor of the Federal Government in its dispute with more than half of the American States.

We have good news, though.