Party or Principal: Does It Matter?

R’s or D’s – does it really matter on the federal ballot?

Seriously, no matter which party is in control in DC, the federal government always grows. Agenda 21 was  signed on to by George Bush the first with an Executive Order, followed by Clinton, Bush the second and Obama. Patriot Act under Bush and Republicans, NDAA would never have passed without Republicans, Obamacare Democrats, debt ceiling raised, No Child Left Behind etc. etc. etc. The federal government grows and our freedoms shrink. If we keep thinking that if we send someone new to DC to fix the problems that DC has created, then we will continue to get a bigger and bigger government.

The answer is local not national. Who we elect to state and local offices over the next ten to twenty years is far more important. Whether people want to believe it or not, the federal government cannot and will not reverse its behavior, and the debt is beyond ever paying off. The states will have to step in and hold things together by standing up and saying, “NO!” to the federal government. Virginia has shown the way with their Nullification of the NDAA. Others need to follow.


My Three Pauls

It is said that the falling off a ladder is less a problem than one’s ultimate meeting with the ground below. So it is with democracy unrestrained by constitutional charter. The absurd debt incurred annually by Congressmen gaming re-election prospects will be less bothersome than the rioting in the streets when China cuts off our credit limit.

Democrats, the party of public dependence, responded in predictably shrill tones to the addition of Paul Ryan to the Mitt Romney ticket. Mr. Ryan’s budgetary proposal is to borrow $300 billion per year to operate the unconstitutionally large National Government instead of $1.3 trillion. My own preference is for Rand Paul’s plan which balances the budget in five years and uproots a few federal departments planted and grown under the liberal fallacy of a Constitution limited only by the whims of the populace.

Even so, I credit Mitt with choosing one of the three Pauls, even if his Paul carries a hedge-trimmer instead of shovel. With half our voting public pocketing one or another government subsidy, it’s a wonder we are not yet Venezuela. At this point in history I’ll take anyone who promises to whittle away at the dependency agenda.

Pragmatic libertarians like me view this is as a two-prong defense of liberty. The Republican presidential ticket, if true to its word, will slow and perhaps arrest some of the growth of the National Government. The longer prong is with the States. When I say States, I don’t mean the liberal miasmas of California or New York, but those hardy States with a citizenry displaying a clear bias for liberty and against the overlords of Washington, D.C.


Ban the Drones!

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According to – Activists are pushing that city to be first in this U.S. to ban use of drones.

While the city has not been approached by the federal government or any other entity about purchasing drones, about 20 people showed up for a recent public hearing to encourage lawmakers to support a proactive ban.

Earlier this month, Occupy Buffalo and the WNY Peace Center proposed legislation to the Council prohibiting the use and purchase of unmanned aerial vehicles in Buffalo, arguing that they violate constitutional rights and pose imminent danger to the public.

Excerpts from the proposal state that “drones present an unreasonable and unacceptable threat to public safety in the air and to persons and property on the ground … due to limitations in drone vision, capability to avoid other aircraft and adequate control.”

Another part of the proposed legislation reads “armed drones and surveillance drones present an unreasonable and unacceptable threat to the rights of individual privacy, freedom of association and assembly, equal protection and judicial due process …”

Victoria Ross of the Peace Education Project noted that the drones in Buffalo most likely would be used primarily for surveillance, “which means warrants won’t be needed.”

The proposed legislation submitted to the Common Council asks that drones not be purchased, leased, borrowed, tested or used by any agency of the City of Buffalo.

From Bill Greene – author of the Constitutional Tender Act – Peter Schiff has opened a hard-money bank.

In other words, you can open accounts in any denomination you want, whether fiat currency OR gold bullion – whatever you’d like. You can even get a “gold debit card” that you can use anywhere in the world. It’s backed by actual gold, which converts to whatever currency you’re needing at the time you hit that ATM.