Patrick Henry Caucus Calls for Nullification of Obamacare

Patrick Henry Caucus leading is fight against Affordable Care Act in Utah and they have joined forces with the Tenth Amendment Center in unveiling “a document template for legislation that each state can run declaring the Affordable Care Act null and void in that state.”

Billy Hesterman’s article in the Daily Herald states, “In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, a few of Utah’s legislators are hoping the state will lead the nation in a fight against the law.”

“Our position is that basically the states cannot afford to implement this,” said Rep. Ken Sumsion, R-American Fork, a founding member of the caucus. “The federal government will bankrupt the states by doing this.”

Besides the cost to the states, Rep. Sumsion also argued that the health care law is an infringement on the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which delegates all responsibilities not listed in the Constitution to the states. Rep. Sumsion even went as far as to call for Gov. Gary Herbert to bring the Legislature into a special session to pass the caucus’s null and void legislation to start the fight against the Affordable Care Act.

“I want the governor to bring us into a special session,” said Rep. Sumsion.

Gov. Herbert said in a statement after the ruling was issued by the court that it was up to Congress and the American people to work for a repeal of the law. He did not make mention of any state action to fight it.


A Fork in the Revolutionary Road

[This essay was first published on the author’s personal blog]

Mitt Romney was officially made the GOP’s nominee last week and now the Ron Paul revolution is over. After nearly thirty years in public office the good doctor is gracefully retiring from politics, and while it’s not following a term in the oval office, he’s no-less started what may be the greatest mental brushfire in American history. And now with millions of people inspired by the message of liberty, the obvious question is “what’s next” for the remnant?

A number of writers and activists have weighed in on this topic and below is a collection of these valuable essays and commentaries with some of my own thoughts for the Paulbots and revolutionaries.

Justin Raimondo, editorial director of the indispensable, had this to say regarding the true nature of the republican party and their rules:

As for the rules governing the political process – they can be changed at a moment’s notice, and bent any which way, in order to facilitate this seizure. Ron Paul’s supporters in the GOP learned that the hard way, as the Romneyites used their control of the party bureaucracy at the state and national levels to retroactively change the rules in order to unseat duly elected Paul delegates. In Maine, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Oregon, Oklahoma, and elsewhere, the party bosses have disenfranchised Paul voters – closing down party caucuses, rejecting as delegates anyone under 50, and calling the cops when all else failed.

This description of how the convention was governed – and the primaries leading up to it – is precisely how the state works in general. It’s evil and corrupting, and ultimately founded upon violence and coercion. The GOP’s rules are in essence no different from the “Pirate’s code,” which is “more what you call guidelines than actual rules,” to borrow from the famous movie line.


Obama, Gary Johnson and the “cool” vote

The Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore reports that Gary Johnson hopes he can steal the “cool” vote from President Obama. I met former New Mexico Governor Johnson up here briefly when he signed the book to enter the New Hampshire primary. My conversation with him was mostly about Tuckerman’s Ridge which he hoped to master again on his brief visit. He brought to mind friends middle aged and late up here in the New Hampshire mountains who the Yankees consider to be kind of local mountain kami – indigenous mountain spirits – attractive, intelligent and disciplined itinerants who live on the highest peaks and work as master carpenters and stone masons in the warm seasons. But the work stops when the snow arrives and real life begins again. We were mostly alone in conversation as the crowd had gathered to greet Texas Governor Rick Perry about 20 feet away when someone noticed that Johnson was here too, over there with one friend in the corner. Who, someone asked? And it took some explanation. He is definitely “cool.” Even as cool as Barack Obama.

Since the Fifties when Norman Mailer shared cocktails with Midge Decter and Norman Podhoretz and the latter left New York to design their own political aesthetic in Washington, Republicans have conjured a distinctly anti-cool ethic. Cool is said to have originated in 1957 when Miles Davis released an album titled “Birth of the Cool” – like John Coltrane’s “Blue Train” in the same year – classics today. But when these conservatives shifted south, anything which suggested cool was bad. The conservatives’ anti-cool ethic today is fully embodied by the current Republican ticket which not surprising suggests two Mormons in black suit on a church mission. Counter-cool has found its avatar in Paul Ryan who proudly seems to have read one book, Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” Brings to mind the Reagan quip: Someone bought a Christmas present for Ronald Reagan. What did they get him, it goes? A book. But he already has a book!