Pointing Out the Peaks of the Massive Surveillance Iceberg

originally published at The New American

Every time a shutter blinks in one of the millions of cameras mounted on stoplights or building corners, the faces of those within the sight of the lens are instantly recorded and saved to a database kept somewhere for use by someone for some purpose.

The New American has been at the forefront of the coverage of the proliferation of many of the powerful and prolific surveillance technologies deployed in the United States. One of the most robust of these systems is the software connecting a network of cameras known asTrapWire.

TrapWire is a massive and technologically advanced surveillance system that has the capacity to keep nearly the entire population of this country under the watchful eye of government 24 hours a day. Using this network of cameras and other surveillance tools, the federal government is rapidly constructing an impenetrable, inescapable theater of surveillance, most of which is going unnoticed by Americans and unreported by the mainstream media.

Unlike other elements of the central government’s cybersurveillance program, word about TrapWire was not leaked by Obama administration insiders. The details of this insidious surveillance scheme were disclosed by WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy group founded by Julian Assange.

The TrapWire story percolated from the millions of e-mails from the Austin, Texas-based private intelligence-gathering firm Stratfor, published this year by WikiLeaks. Covering correspondence from mid-2004 to 2011, these documents expose Stratfor’s “web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods.”


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Welcome to another exciting Tenther Radio Show: Voyage Number 63!  Michael Boldin again commands the USS Tenther Radio along his First Officer, Nick Hankoff!

First, Michael and Nick sets a course through the treacherous waters known as  the Sea of News.  The first mate informed us about Allegan County, MI rejecting the NDAA.  Then the ship’s crew discussed Paul Ryan reference during his speech at the RNC about the Janesville Plant and how Ryan voted for the auto bailout supporting Obama.

Michael quoted from Tad DeHaven’s article, “If you replace “Solyndra” with “General Motors” the story is essentially the same: “a case of political patronage, corporate welfare, and cronyism.” The only real difference that I can see is that Solyndra didn’t have a plant in Ryan’s backyard.”

Then Nick brought up an article by Salon on Libertarian Candidate for President Gary Johnson in which Johnson stated that GOP immigration plank “Borders on Racist.”  Nick felt that Johnson may have a point.  Michael stated, “If the Federal Government wasn’t doing all the welfare handouts, this isn’t even an issue.  The problem isn’t the immigration, it is too much government.”

Tonight’s guest is the Ship’s Engineer himself, Commander John Michaels.  Who temporary has been serving on the USS BoDeans Tour Bus as he shares some of his tall tales with us.  When Michaels was asked about comparing working on the BoDean’s tour compared to working on the Nullify Now tour, Michaels was speechless as a response.

However after the break, John Micheals made some suggestions for future segments for the USS Tenther Radio.  One suggestion, “You Make the Call” where listeners give a two minute rant on specific topics.  The best one will get a prize of some type.