Hungry for Freedom

It is probably fair to say no President, First Lady, or candidate for said office has ever left a campaign event, state dinner or probably any meal in general saying, “Gee, I wish I’d had more to eat.”  Yet none before the Obamas entered 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have claimed the authority to tell us what they want us to eat, while they eat what they want.  Plenty of kids across these 50 States have probably said that with increasing frequency in response to new federal mandates regarding school lunches.

While our First Lady is able to enjoy her favorite pizza, children in a Kansas school have made a video in protest.  Other students have said the portrayal is accurate, with students claiming they are still hungry throughout the rest of the school day.  There is so much wrong with this situation, it almost encompasses all the problems facing the Tenther movement today.

First, the school administrator interviewed said the solution in the past has been to make adjustments to the school lunches when there were complaints, but the new federal “laws” left him with his hands tied.  A word to that administrator personally, RESIGN!   Your primary responsibility is the well being of the students in your school.  You ought to know better than the people in Congress, the White House and the untold numbers of executive agencies trying to appear significant by churning out new rules.  You should even know better than the nine self-proclaimed demigods on the Supreme Court.  Show some spine and make the adjustments without their permission.  You want input on improving school food?  Go to your community first.


Progress in Michigan Against NDAA Detention Powers


This last week was a real whirlwind for Wolverine State NDAA Nullifyers. Patriots showed up in numbers to the Oakland County General Government Committee Meeting on Monday, Sept. 24 in support of Commissioner Jim Runestad’s Liberty Preservation Resolution. This resolution, originally crafted by Blake Filippi – Legal Analyst with the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) and the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition – expresses defense of Constitutionally protected rights and opposition to the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA.

There were many cogent comments by residents, including a particularly moving description by Anna Janek of her childhood living in fear of government and police in Communist Czechoslovakia. The entire session may be viewed here:httpp:// .

The next committee meeting to consider this is scheduled for Monday, October 8 @ 9:30 A.M. Let’s have a really big turnout of folks from all over the philosophical spectrum and from all points in Oakland County.  We need to show the Commissioners how important it is for them to fulfill their oaths of office and protect our rights by upholding the Constitution. Perhaps the Commissioner in the video who tried to demean and distort our efforts by mis-stating them as a partisan political ploy will see the error of his ways.


New Marijuana ‘Controversy’ Being Pushed by Bureaucrats, Newspapers

With the economy struggling and cities going bankrupt left and right, you would think that bureaucrats in the state of California would focus on shoring up the spending problems before expending more precious resources toward a crackdown on medical marijuana. But that is not the case. The Los Angeles City Council voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries back in July, a decision that won the ire of voters.

This unanimous 14-0 bipartisan agreement that cut off commerce and jobs at a time when they are so desperately needed was so reviled by voters that signatures were quickly collected in enough time to get a repeal measure on the ballot in November. With marijuana being more widespread and popular than ever, it is very possible that these bureaucrats will have their prohibition overturned and the medical marijuana industry will be allowed to grow without senseless laws stifling them.

But according to a Sept. 23 editorial in the Los Angeles Times, the medical marijuana industry cannot be allowed to