Government Dependency Will End in Chaos

by Ron Paul

The media insists on characterizing statements about dependency on government handouts as controversial, but in truth such statements are absolutely correct.  It’s not that nearly half of Americans are dependent on government; it’s actually more than half.  If one includes not just people on food stamps and welfare, but also seniors on Medicare, Social Security and people employed by the government directly, the number is more like 165 million out of 308 million, which is 53%.

Some argue that Social Security and Medicare benefits are a right because people pay into these programs their whole lives, or that we need a government safety net in place for people who fall on hard times.  However, this all becomes a moot point when the funds people depend on become worthless due to government default or rampant inflation.

This is less an issue of dignity or dependence on government, and more about the deceitfulness of government promises.

The Fed recently announced that it plans to keep interest rates near zero and keep buying near worthless assets from banks indefinitely.  This enables Congress to spend without having to take deficits or the debt seriously and there is every indication they intend to spend with impunity until the system collapses.  There are no brakes on the runaway train.  The federal debt ceiling law does nothing to limit spending. The ceiling will have to be raised yet again perhaps before the year is out.  What is happening in Greece with austerity measures and riots in the street will happen here within a decade according to some realistic estimates if we do not find some way to fiscally restrain our government.


Mandate or Tax, the Federal Health Law is Still Unconstitutional

by Christina Sandefur, Goldwater Institute

Those frustrated with the Supreme Court’s ruling that the federal government can tax Americans who do not purchase government-approved health insurance may find some consolation going forward, because NFIB v. Sebelius will not be the last word on the federal law. Over the next few years, courts across the country will hear a number of legal challenges that share a common theme: even read as a tax, the federal health insurance law is unconstitutional.

Among those lawsuits is Coons v. Geithner, the Goldwater Institute’s defense of the constitutionally-protected right to make one’s own health care decisions.

The federal tax penalty inflicts substantial burdens on this important freedom. By forcing Americans to purchase a government-sanctioned health plan or pay a hefty fine to the IRS, the federal law makes it difficult or impossible for them to visit the doctors and get the treatments they actually want and need. And because it requires people who do not wish to purchase government-sanctioned health insurance to surrender personal medical information or pay a fine, the law intrudes on the right to privacy.


Will Oakland County Nullify the NDAA?

This Thursday, October 18, 2012, the full body of the Oakland County Commissioners will consider Commissioner Jim Runestad’s Liberty Preservation Resolution at their regularly scheduled 9:30 AM General Meeting in the Commissioner’s Auditorium located at 1200 N. Telegraph Road in Pontiac, Michigan.

The Liberty Preservation Resolution (in resistance to the indefinite detention sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 NDAA) was unanimously voted out of the General Government Committee of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners on Monday, October 8 as described in this article published by the Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) and People Against the NDAA: Will Oakland County Nullify the NDAA?.
The resolution, which was originally crafted and subsequently revised by Blake Filippi of the Rhode Island Liberty Coalition and TAC, is a non-compliance resolution, in the tradition of the Rosa Parks method of winning Liberty – not complying with unlawful legislation as opposed to either submitting or militantly confronting the usurpers. Our goal is for the State of Michigan to ulitmately perform it’s right and duty of Nullifying indefinite detention and /or Interposing (Jamres Madison’s concept) itself between the people and the general government in D.C. A critical mass of the states in resistance tyranny has worked in the past and will do so again. This was the intent and design of the Framers and Ratifiers of the Constitution for the united States.

Our colleagues at the Tenth Amendment Center have recently also published the following two excellent analyses which are relevant to our project: