The Bribery of the Five Percent

Bribery is the lifeblood of democracy. The President of these United States, putatively known as the Leader of the Free World, is chosen not for his commitments to liberty, constitutional rule of law or limited government. Instead we bear embarrassing witness to Mitt and Barry jousting for the votes of the five percent who will decide the election based upon promises of government swag. Pell Grants! Cash to Planned Parenthood! Cheaper gasoline! Pick me! No, pick me!

These five percenters are not ideologues. Indeed, they are eminently pragmatic. They rightly suspect that the robust tax-and-spend programs of the Left will lead to our collective financial ruin. At the same time, and without apparent dissonance, they see a big government pie and want their piece.

Barry’s job should be the easy one. His is the party of bribes. Democrats are legendarily famous for showering their constituencies with free food, free houses, free phones, free mortgages, free salaries, free health care, free venture capital loans and of course free salamander crossings.


Is this Our Last Hope?

The Tampa Bay Times enthusiastically endorsed Pres. Barack Obama for a second term last week.

“This is not the time to reverse course and return to the failed policies of the past. Without hesitation, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Barack Obama for re-election as president.”

When I read this, I thought to myself, “Self…weren’t the last four years really just a continuation of the ‘failed policies of the past?’”

I mean seriously – more war, more Patriot Act spying (with NDAA detention thrown in as a bonus), more unfettered spending, more bailouts, more drug war, more crony capitalism, more federal meddling in education, more federal meddling in health care, more federal meddling in the housing market…more, more, more.

How was the last four years significantly different than the previous eight? Or the eight before that?

I could go on.


Washington I-502; A Chance to Take Some Power Back

On November 6th, Washington State Initiative 502 will appear on your ballot as the following:

“This measure would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over twenty-one; remove state-law criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes; tax marijuana sales; and earmark marijuana-related revenues. “

I have read some fairly compelling arguments against I-502, from people who support legalization.

First of all, there is the 25% tax. Yikes. That’s a lot of tax. Even so, you would be able to buy a small amount of marijuana, legally. That’s not happening anywhere else, folks. Nobody’s forcing you to pay the tax, it’s just part of the package of a legal purchase in Washington State. You could choose to opt out of marijuana altogether.