No Koch money here!

The other day, I was perusing comments on an article a reporter over at the Washington Times Communities section wrote in which she extensively quoted  me.

A comment by “Charles” gave me quite a chuckle when he associated the nullification movement with the Koch Brothers.

Of course, progressives love to throw  Koch out as a smear tactic. In their minds, this invalidates anything somebody with an opposing point of view says, freeing them from actually having to engage in a real debate. They play the Koch card in much the same way they point fingers, jump up and down and yell, “racist!” Debate over. Who cares what a racist thinks, right? And who cares what somebody flush with Koch cash might have to say.

But oh, how I wish the accusation of Koch cash was true! If only the Tenth Amendment Center bank account was full of federal reserve notes generously donated.  If it where, maybe I wouldn’t have to get up at 4 a.m. and work eight hours at a full-time job before tackling my ever growing TAC to-do list!

I’m not complaining, mind you. I do what I do because I believe passionately in the cause. But the reality is that the TAC doesn’t have a roster of big fat-cat donors. We don’t have a nice building in downtown D.C. We don’t have a paid staff, padded expense accounts or a multimillion dollar budget.