Meet Ian Millhiser, Liar. Expert in Constitutional Distortion.

Ian Millhiser is a liar. He continually repeats claims such as this: The Constitution provides that duly enacted federal laws “shall be the supreme law of the land” — a provision known as the “Supremacy Clause” FACT: Only those federal laws made in PURSUANCE OF THE CONSTITUTION, are supreme under Article VI, the “supremacy clause.”…


Surprise: Constitutional Law Professor Lies About the Supremacy Clause.

“The [State] legislature can pass anything it wants,” said Sam Kamin, a constitutional law professor at the University of Denver. “The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution makes that clearly unconstitutional. Where there’s a conflict between state and federal law, the federal government is supreme.” “Kamin and other legal experts said such disdain of Obama’s proposals…


Arizona Moving Forward on State-based Health Care Exchange Prohibition

Arizona Representatives Carl SeelSteve SmithAdam KwasmanDavid W. StevensBob ThorpeJudy BurgesBrenda BartonDavid LivingstonDarin MitchellKelly Townsend and Kelli Ward have introduced a bill that would prohibit the federal government from implementing a health care exchange in this state.

HCR2014 would amend Arizona statutes by adding a section on state-based health care exchanges. The text of the bill simply states:

“This state may not establish or administer a state‑based health care exchange.
2. The Secretary of State shall submit this proposition to the voters at the next general election as provided by article IV, part 1, section 1, Constitution of Arizona.”

Leading the long list of sponsor’s on this bill is Representative Carl Seel. Being the first representative to prefile a house bill with HB2001 (state health care exchange; prohibition) his urgency to remedy the unconstitutional act was obvious! When I spoke with Representative Seel about the bill, he expressed his outrage for Obamacare. Stating, “it would be the biggest tax increase in recent history.” He then expressed in detail how tyrannical it was. Also, he reaffirmed his devotion for the oath he took to the constitution and he said that he is “duty bound to uphold it.” When asked about Jan Brewer’s recent decision to expand medacaid, he stated, “it’s another federal government program we don’t need to be involved in. The reason why Jan decided to expand is because the federal government pays 90% of the fee.”


Shock: ‘The Progressive Professor’ Opposes Nullification

A very predictable progressive, I might add. Once in a while a progressive, like Jeff Taylor at Jacksonville State, realizes that gigantic, unresponsive bureaucracies that bomb foreign populations at the drop of a hat, just might — might! — not be so progressive. And that the old progressive slogan “small is beautiful” just might apply to the political order as well.

But then there are the Predictable Progressives, who stick to the 3×5 card of allowable opinion, and trot out all the old arguments. Half the time they’re not even arguments. It’s just, “Hey, this is an old idea! That means it’s stupid. Today we’re so much more sophisticated. The modern state has showered the world with so many blessings; what kind of uppity troublemaker could ever want to challenge it?”

Hence the “Progressive Professor,” who teaches at Florida Atlantic University, has a blog post called “Rand Paul Revives Nullification from the Pre-Civil War Years.” He writes:


Missouri Bill would Form a 10th Amendment Commission

The Feds have acted with impunity for too long. Recently, American citizens have had their liberties stripped by federal laws that allow for the spying on phone calls, emails and text messages ; indefinite detention; and forcing you to buy health insurance. Missouri Senator Emery has introduced SB 119, a bill to create a State…