Colorado NDAA Nullification Bill Passes House Committee, 7-4

Today, the Colorado State House Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs took up HB13-1045, which was introduced by Representative Jared Wright. After some sharp discussion and debate, the committee approved the bill in a bipartisan vote. Four republicans joined three democrats in voting yes and the final tally was 7-4.

The bill will now move on to the next step, a floor debate and vote in the full Colorado State House. Residents of Colorado are strongly encouraged to take action to help this bill keep moving forward. (details below)

HB13-1045 prohibits any agent or agency of the state from participating in or supporting the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA) which are still held to be the law by the federal government, even though such powers are nowhere authorized in the Constitution.

Representative Wright said that 1045 was a “top priority to introduce this bill to defend liberty.” He continued, “Congress has overstepped its bounds. For any citizen in Colorado that could be arrested by any federal agency or military and held under military law where rights and due process are suspended is wrong.”


Arizona HB2573, NDAA Nullification Bill, needs your HELP!

We only have until the end of THIS WEEK to have the Judiciary Committee hear this bill so that it can continue to move forward! The Judiciary Committee is lead by Eddie Farnsworth, he’s the one that decides if the bill is heard or not! If this bill isn’t assigned to a committee by the end of THIS WEEK, the bill is DEAD!!!


1. We need to contact Eddie Farnsworth and demand that he lets HB2573 be voted on in the Judiciary Committee!  Strongly, but respectfully, let him know that you’ll accept nothing less.

2. Also contact Representative Carl Seel and Senator Judy Burges and urge them contact Representative Eddie Farnsworth to tell him to hear their bill that they’re sponsoring!

3. Contact all the bill co-sponsors and ask them to do the same – reach out to Rep Farnsworth and request a hearing.


Madison County, Tennessee Commission to Vote on 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution

MadisonCoCourthouseThe Madison County Commission in Tennessee will cast its votes on its Second Amendment Preservation Resolution on Tuesday, February 19 at 8:15 AM Central time.  All citizens of Madison County who support the right to keep and bear arms are encouraged to attend the meeting to show their support.

The meeting will be held at the UT Agri Complex at 606 Airways Blvd. in Jackson, Tennessee.  More details on the meeting can be found at the Facebook event posted at

Contact your county commissioners here:

Commissioner Adrian Eddleman introduced the resolution, and it is based 0n a model resolution provided by the Tenth Amendment Center.  The text of the resolution is as follows: