Ohio Action Alert: Help Nullify Federal Gun Laws

The Second Amendment Preservation Act to nullify federal gun laws in the State of Ohio has been introduced – and needs your help to move forward.

SB36 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Public Safety, Local Government & Veteran Affairs.  Having a hearing and committee vote scheduled  is the first step that’s needed towards passage.

The Tenth Amendment Center requests your immediate help by contacting your state senator to express your support for this legislation.  We urge you to CALL and EMAIL.  Strongly, but respectfully, inform your representative that you are concerned with federal infringements on the right to bear arms. SB36 can be viewed here.


1. Contact the Committee Chair.  Politely encourage him to schedule a committee hearing for SB36.
Frank LaRose, Chair
(614) 466-4823

2.  Contact the rest of the members of the committee.  Make sure they’re aware that support for SB36 is strong.  Let them know, respectfully, that you expect to see a YES vote from them on SB36.
Jim Hughes
(614) 466-5981

Michael Skindell
(614) 466-5123

Kevin Bacon
(614) 466-8064

Edna Brown


Missouri: Act Now to Help Nullify Federal Gun “Laws” in Your State

In Missouri, HB 436 and it’s companion Senate bill, SB 325, would nullify all federal violations of your right to keep and bear arms.  Please act now to support this legislation.

Either this coming Tuesday or the following Tuesday HB 436, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, will have a public hearing in the House General Laws Committee. This committee is predisposed to support this bill, but we need to send a message of strong support that will resonate throughout the Capitol.

Witness Form – Your witness form will be hand delivered, and your testimony will be made available online for the committee to read.

Generic Witness Form: Click for Witness Form

Additional Steps you can take:

1.  Right NOW, either plan to attend the hearing for HB 436 (time to be announced), or fill out the online witness form.

2. Contact your state rep AND senator.   Let your rep know that you want a YES vote on HB436.  And let your senator know that you want a YES vote on SB325.  Strongly, but respectfully, inform them that you consider it their duty – their oath to the constitutions of the United States and Missouri requires a YES vote.


Action Alert: Help Nullify NDAA, ‘Indefinite Detention’ in the State of Michigan

The Liberty Preservation Act to stop NDAA “indefinite detention” in the State of Michigan is up for a hearing in the State Senate.  Your action is needed right now to help move this important bill forward!

The hearing for Senate Bill 94 has been scheduled for a hearing on 02/26/2013.  The hearing will be at 12:30pm in the Senate Committee on Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security.

Please take the action steps below to help ensure that this bill moves on to a vote in the full state Senate.

Note:  Due to the timely nature of this effort, it’s strongly recommended that you CALL.  Emails can help when sent well in advance, but many members may not get your emails in time to help influence their vote.  Also, please call iin the evenings and over the weekend as well.  If you reach their voicemail, leave a message so their offices know first thing the next business morning that a large number of people support this bill. In your voicemail, make sure to ask that they call you back so that you can speak to the legislator or staff directly.


1.  Call the Committee Chair.  Thank him for allowing the hearing.  Strongly, but respectfully urge him to vote YES on SB94


Action Alert: Nullify Federal Gun ‘Laws’ in the State of Utah

HB114, The Second Amendment Preservation Act, is up for an important committee hearing and vote in Utah – and needs your support to move forward.

The bill would nullify federal violations of the 2nd Amendment in the State of Utah.  It has been heard in the House Committee on Judiciary and is expected to have a do-or-die vote in that committee in the coming days.

The Tenth Amendment Center requests your immediate help by contacting  committee members to express your support for this legislation.  We urge you to CALL as the deadline is approaching fast.  Strongly, but respectfully, inform your representative that you are concerned with federal infringements on the right to bear arms. HB114 can be viewed here.

NOTE: With a vote coming as soon as the early part of the week, Calls should even be made on the weekend or in the evenings.  Leave a message on their voicemail and ask to have someone return your call so that you can hear back from the legislator or their staff.



Action Alert: NDAA Nullification up for Final Vote in Colorado House

HB13-1045, The Liberty Preservation Act to stop NDAA “indefinite detention” in the State of Colorado, has a do-or-die vote this coming week – as early as Monday.  Phone calls are needed now, even over the weekend, to help this bill pass.

That week, in a surprise turnaround due to the large number of phone calls legislators received in support, the bill passed out of committee by a 7-4 vote.  4 Republicans and 3 Democrats joined in favor.

But, inside sources say that one State Rep might make an effort to kill the bill in the full house as early as Monday, and your help is needed to get enough legislators in the YES column to prevent that from happening.

NOTE: With a vote coming as early as Monday, Calls should even be made on the weekend or in the evenings.  Leave a message on their voicemail and ask to have someone return your call so that you can hear back from the legislator or their staff.



To Protect the Second Amendment, Pennsylvanians Rediscover the Tenth

After the flurry of new legislation introduced in the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 2013, gun owners should consider sprucing up their spring wardrobes with Tenth Amendment t-shirts and hats.

In mid-January, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe proposed the Right to Bear Arms Protection Act (HB 357) which nullifies all federal firearms laws adopted after December 31, 2012. HB 357, which provides criminal penalties for attempted enforcement of unconstitutional gun laws in Pennsylvania, amassed 67 co-sponsors in the last month.

Following closely on the heels of HB 357, State Representative Matt Gabler introduced the Firearms Freedom Act (HB 475) which prevents any federal regulation of firearms and ammunition manufactured and sold within Pennsylvania’s borders. Citing the 9th and 10th amendments as valid consideration for Pennsylvania entering in the union compact in 1787, HB 475 draws a line in the sand against federal laws that are offensive to intrastate commerce and Pennsylvania and federal constitutional guarantees of gun rights. HB 475 garnered 49 cosponsors in the last three weeks.

Despite the popularity of both pending nullification bills, several Republican and Democratic state legislators have refused to join as cosponsors, invariably citing the Supremacy Clause for the proposition that federal laws are supreme and only federal courts can say otherwise.


Will Montana Nullify Federal Gun Laws?

As sheriffs around the country get more and more media attention for making statements that they will not comply with or enforce federal gun control schemes, the Montana State house – and a number of others – is taking things a step further.

House Bill 302 was introduced last month by State Representative Krayton Kerns.  If passed, it would be another line of defense for the right to keep and bear arms in the State of Montana.  Instead of Montana residents having to rely on the goodness, courage, and constitutional understanding of their own local Sheriff – HB302 would make it state law that no state agent, agency or peace officer working in the state of Montana would be allowed to enforce such violations of the 2nd Amendment.

The bill states, in part:

A peace officer, state employee, or employee of any political subdivision is prohibited from enforcing, assisting in the enforcement of, or otherwise cooperating in the enforcement of a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines and is also prohibited from participating in any federal enforcement action implementing a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines.

In Wyoming, recently, the state house passed a similar law prohibiting such federal bans.  That bill also included criminal charges for federal agents who attempt to enforce the ban.  Both bills play a big part in nullifying unconstitutional federal acts regarding the right to keep and bear arms.


Virginia Bill Banning Law Enforcement from using Drones Heads to Governor’s Desk

via prisonplanet.com

The Washington Times reports that The Virginia General Assembly approved a moratorium on drone aircraft in the state, sending the legislation to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s desk.

The Senate passed their version of the bill, which advocates a blanket ban on the use of drones except where missing person searches are concerned, for the next two years. Members voted by a 40-0 vote after accepting an amendment from the House, which passed their bill, HB2012, Wednesday.

“We are pleased that it’s on the way to the governor with strong bipartisan support,” bill sponsor Delegate Benjamin L. Cline, Augusta Republican, told reporters in Charlottesville, Va. “We hope that the governor will also share our support for a breathing period to get some rules in place.”

Although the bill does not go quite as far as Delegate Todd Gilbert’s legislative push last year for a strict ban on surveillance by drones, it is a step in the right direction as far as privacy advocates are concerned.


Arizona Constitutional Tender Act Passes Senate Committee

On Wednesday, the Arizona State Senate Committee on Finance voted on Senate Bill 1439 (SB1439) on Legal Tender.

If signed into law, the bill would authorize the use of US-minted silver and gold coins – without tax penalty – in transactions within the state.

The Committee vote was 4-3. SB1439 will now to to the Senate Rules committee, which will need to approve the bill before it can go for a full vote in the State Senate.


The United States Constitution states in Article I, Section 10, “No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” The Constitutional tender act is a big step towards that constitutional requirement which has been ignored for a long time in every state of the country. Such a tactic would achieve the desired goal of abolishing the Federal Reserve system by attacking it from the bottom up – pulling the rug out from under it by working to make its functions irrelevant at the State and local level.