Kansas Action Alert: Final Vote Coming on HB2199, 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

Kansas HB2199, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, is one of the strongest in the country to defend the right to keep and bear arms. House Bill 2199 has passed the State house, and now the Senate Committee on Federalism and State Affairs.  It is heading to the full Senate for a final vote to send it to the Governor’s desk.

The Tenth Amendment center urges your immediate action in support of HB2199.

1. Contact two key State Senators.  Our inside sources have told us that Senators Wagle and King may stop the passage of this bill because they think the law will be too strong.  Please contact them both and make sure they know the People of Kansas support HB2199 as passed by the House.   Strongly, but respectfully, urge them to vote YES on HB2199.

Senate President Wagle 785-296-2419 Susan.Wagle@senate.ks.gov
Senate Vice President King 785-296-7361 Jeff.King@senate.ks.gov

2. Contact your own State Senator. Strongly, but respectfully, let him or her know that you expect nothing less than a YES vote on HB2199.



Oklahoma: Do or Die for Obamacare Nullification Bill

Oklahoma House Bill 1021 – to nullify Obamacare – has passed the state house by a wide margin and is in senate. Senator Griffin has moved the bill out of the Rules Committee and on to the Appropriations Committee.

The ONLY CHANCE to move HB1021 to the Senate floor appears to be in committee on April 3rd.  Please make calls immediately to push the bill forward!

Sen. Griffin had earlier expressed her disapproval of this bill – but she received hundreds of calls, emails and visits in support.  She has since worked with Senator Dahm to ensure the bill complies with Senate rules and has not even bothered to bring it up in the Senate Rules Committee. Instead, Senator Griffin has simply sent it along its way to the next step; the Appropriations Committee. Don’t forget, major national forces are against this bill – but your grassroots pressure is working!

ACTION ITEMS for Obamacare Nullification in Oklahoma

1. Contact the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Call and email Sen. Jolley and respectfully urge him to bring HB1021 up for a vote in his committee.  Ask him to vote YES on HB1021

Sen. Jolley (405) 521-5622, jolley@oksenate.gov

2. Contact all the members of the Appropriations Committee. CALL each of the committee members and strongly, but politely, let them know you want a YES vote on HB1021.