Action Alert: Washington State Hemp Freedom Act up for Hearing and Vote

On Thursday, April 4th at 1:30PM, the Washington State House Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government will hold a hearing on HB1888, the Hemp Freedom Act. The bill previously passed the committee on Government Accountability & Oversight by a vote of 8-0.

Sponsored by Representative Matt Shea (R), along with Christopher Hurst (D), Cary Condotta (R), Jeff Holy (R), David Taylor (R) and Jason Overstreet (R), the Hemp Freedom Act would “permit the development in Washington of an industrial hemp industry.” The federal government lacks the constitutional authority to regulate the production of hemp, or any agricultural product, within a state’s borders, and HB1888 rests on solid ground.

Hemp is a major product worldwide, and is widely used in the United States in food products, clothing, oils and more.  It can be a competitor to the oil, cotton, and paper industries (and many more), which is a likely reason why the federal government refuses to budge on its view that no one in the US should produce it.  The results?  The United States is the world’s #1 importer of hemp.  The top 2 exporters are China and Canada.

The Tenth Amendment Center encourages your immediate support to help HB1888 pass out of committee so it can be considered by the full state house.


1.  Call ALL the members of the subcommittee.  Strongly, but respectfully, urge a YES vote on HB1888.  Let them know that Washington farmers are struggling, and that the economy needs this boost.  And, of course, for those who consider liberty to be important, they’ll already understand that part of the message.

Hudgins, Zack (D) (360) 786-7956
Parker, Kevin (R) (360) 786-7922
Buys, Vincent (R) (360) 786-7854
Chandler, Bruce (R) (360) 786-7960
Dunshee, Hans (D) (360) 786-7804
Hunt, Sam (D) (360) 786-7992
Pedersen, Jamie (D) (360) 786-7826
Springer, Larry (D) (360) 786-7822

2.  Attend the hearingc  


On NDAA, Ignorance is Dangerous

op-ed originally published in The Daily Telegram (Lenawee County, Michigan)

Statements made by certain members of the Lenawee County Commission quoted in The Daily Telegram’s March 14 story on National Defense Authorization Act detention provisions (“County commission deadlocks on voicing opposition to NDAA”) were utter falsehoods.

And while it’s not unusual to read false statement from politicians, it becomes imperative to set the record straight when those falsehoods create the sole basis defending actions that threaten basic due process rights. Commissioner Terry Collins and David Stimpson both suggested that the federal courts ruled indefinite detention of people on American soil without due process constitutional. The commissioners are either ignorant of the facts or deliberately misleading their constituents.

In fact, last summer U.S. District Court Judge Katherine Forrest granted a permanent injunction, ruling detention provisions written into the NDAA overbroad and unconstitutional.

“The Court finds that § 1021(b)(2) is facially unconstitutional: it impermissibly impinges on guaranteed First Amendment rights and lacks sufficient definitional structure and protections to meet the requirements of due process,” she wrote. “This Court rejects the Government’s suggestion that American citizens can be placed in military detention indefinitely, for acts they could not predict might subject them to detention.”

The Obama administration appealed Forrest’s ruling, but the issue remains far from settled.


McNairy County Tennessee 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution Up for Vote April 8

TNMcNairycourthouseThe McNairy County Commission in Tennessee will take up the issue of their pending 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution again on Monday, April 8. The resolution was tabled last month over concern that the resolution was unconstitutional due to a recent attorney general opinion.

This concern is irrelevant, as resolutions are not legally binding and as such there is no conflict.

McNairy County’s resolution is modeled after the resolution passed by Madison County. It states:

“Whereas, the McNairy County Board of Commissioners declares that all federal acts, laws, orders, rules, regulations – past, present or future – in violation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violate its true meaning and intent as given by the Founders and Ratifiers; and are hereby declared to be invalid in this county, shall not be recognized by this county, are specifically rejected by this county, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this county…”

If you live in McNairy County, contact your commissioners listed below and let them know you want them to support the 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution.