Nullify the Fed! Arizona Constitutional Tender Bill on the Governor’s Desk for a Signature

PHOENIX, Az. (April 30, 2013) – Today, the Arizona state senate concurred with the house on Senate Bill by a vote of 18-0, sending the legislation to Governor Jan Brewer’s desk for a signature.  SB1439, the Constitutional Tender Act,  allows businesses and the state government to accept payments in gold or silver.    It specifies that legal tender in Arizona consists of all of the following:

1. Legal Tender authorized by Congress.

2. Specie (containing gold or silver) coin issued at any time by the U.S. government.

3. Any other specie that a court of competent jurisdiction rules by a final, unappealable order to be within the scope of state authority to make legal tender.

The bill previously passed the state senate by a vote of 17-11.  Since there was a House amendment which tightened up some of the language, constitutionally, the bill needed one final vote on the floor of the State Senate before going to Jan Brewer’s desk for a signature.


Currently all debts and taxes in Arizona and the rest of the United States are either paid with Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) which were authorized as legal tender by Congress, or with coins issued by the U.S. Treasury — very few of which have gold or silver in them.

The United States Constitution states in Article I, Section 10, “No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” The Constitutional tender act is a big step towards that constitutional requirement which has been ignored for a long time in every state of the country. Such a tactic would achieve the desired goal of abolishing the Federal Reserve system by attacking it from the bottom up – pulling the rug out from under it by working to make its functions irrelevant at the State and local level.


Texas Action Alert: Calls Needed Now to Nullify Federal Gun Control

Texas House Bill 1076 (HB1076) is on the House Calendar for this Saturday, May 4th.   It’s essential that you call your STATE rep today and ask them to vote YES on HB1076


full bill here:

If passed into law, the bill would ban all state agencies and employees from enforcing any new federal laws inconsistent with Texas law that bans or restricts firearms, accessories, ammo, etc. It’s a good step in the right direction as this would make a HUGE dent in any new federal effort to further restrict the right to keep and bear arms in Texas.As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said recently, such widespread noncompliance can make a federal law “nearly impossible to enforce” (video here).   And in those limited situations where enforcement does occur, Rosa Parks has taught us all the power of “NO!”  Passage of HB1076 would mark the beginning of the end of any new federal gun control measures in Texas.


There is absolutely ZERO serious dispute about the fact that the federal government cannot “commandeer” the states to carry out its laws.  None. Even the Supreme Court has affirmed this multiple times.


Alabama Senate votes to Nullify All Federal Gun Control Measures, 24-6

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (April 30, 2013) – A bill to nullify all federal gun control measures passed by a wide margin in the Alabama Senate today.   The vote was 24-6 (roll call here)

Senate Bill 93 (SB93) declares that “All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment,”  and therefore, “are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.”

If passed into law, the immediate effect would be that no state or local agent, employee, or asset would be authorized for us in the enforcement (or assistance in the enforcement) of any federal gun control measures – past, present, or future.

Bill Sponsor Senator Paul Sanford affirmed as much during debate on the bill.  He said, “They’re not going to use our law enforcement officials to enforce their law that is unconstitutional.”

This would make a HUGE dent in any federal effort to further restrict the right to keep and bear arms in Alabama – and would be a big step forward for gun rights supporters there. As Judge Andrew Napolitano has said recently, such widespread noncompliance can make a federal law “nearly impossible to enforce” (video here).   And in those limited situations where enforcement does occur, Rosa Parks has taught us all the power of “NO!”  Passage of SB93 would mark the beginning of the end of federal gun control in Alabama.

When challenged on the Constitution’s supremacy clause, Sanford held his ground, “If it’s unconstitutional then the supremacy clause never comes into effect.”  


The Importance of Decentralizing Power

Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey appeared on the Clarkcast with Matt Clark on WAAM in Ann Arbor Michigan Sunday, April 25. Mike and Matt chatted about the the importance of decentralizing power and how we can devolve authority back to the state and local level where it belongs. “Americans intuitively understand that…


Bombing at Fox News

I recall a TV interview from years ago where a child-rearing professional said he witnessed reckless innocence and ignorance in action in his own living room, albeit with two animals. (Let’s put aside for now the possibility that animals can be regarded with the labels innocent or ignorant.) The drama played out like this: his family’s pet hamster was trying to climb out of its cage, but little did the hamster know that across the living room, crouching around the corner of the couch and poised to pounce was the family cat. The professional used this example to warn parents to make sure their children stayed within the loving “cage” of their parents’ rules, lest they get harmed by negative influences and experiences.

A recent discussion between Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade and Fox’s legal eagle Peter Johnson brought this hamster-cat example to mind. In this discussion, which focused on the “mirandizing” of the surviving Boston bombing suspect, Kilmeade joins league with the hamster when he climbs out of the Constitution/Bill of Rights cage (actually, like all statist neoconservatives, he climbs in and out of that cage depending on which of their oxen is being gored) and expresses his dismay with the fact that an American citizen who most likely will be found guilty of a horrendous act of terror, will have at his disposal the option available to all Americans—even the nastiest–to remain silent.

Kilmeade goes on to answer Johnson’s statement that “we’re a nation of laws” with this zinger: “We are a nation to stay alive.” Johnson also states that “Either we believe in the Constitution or we don’t believe in the Constitution.” To this Kilmeade—not yet done with great retorts—puts Johnson in his place with “Not everyone is worthy of the constitutional rights that we have.” Wow! This comment could easily come from the mouth of any banana republic dictator. Johnson adds that Senator Graham wants to “suspend civil rights and constitutional law” (in cases like this). To this, Kilmeade adds: “For public safety.”