Oregon House Votes to Nullify Warrantless Drone Spying, 52-7

Last week, the Oregon House overwhelmingly passed  a bill to nullifying warrantless drone spying.

HB2710 “provides that law enforcement agency may use drone to intercept communications only as provided under laws relating to wiretaps and other interceptions of communications. Requires destruction of images and other information acquired by use of drone within 30 days unless information is needed as evidence in criminal prosecution. Requires that public bodies that use drones adopt policies on use of drones. Requires procedure for notifying public of policies on use of drones. Prohibits use of weaponized drones by public bodies. Declares emergency, effective on passage.”

The bill cleared the House 52-7 and moves on to the Senate for consideration.

Please contact your senator. Tell them to vote YES on HB2710 to stop warrantless spying by drones.

Action Items for HB2710.


New York: Act Now to Say NO to Drone Spying!

New York Assembly Bill 6244, Protection Against Unwarranted Surveillance, is a bill to nullify warrantless drone spying.  It just passed out of committee and needs your help to move forward in the full State Assembly.

A6244 reads, in part: “no  person  or  entity  acting under color of the authority of any state, county, municipal or local governmental entity or  authority,  or acting  on  behalf  of any such entity or authority, shall use, operate, engage or employ an unmanned aerial vehicle as defined in  this  section to  gather  evidence or other information related to a criminal investigation, criminal case, or conduct in violation of regulation except when authorized under a warrant issued by a court of record or  justified  by  lawful exception to the warrant requirement.”

Please take the following steps to help advance this important legislation!

1. Contact your representative in the State Assembly.  Strongly, but respectfully, let him or her know that you want a YES vote on AB06244.

contact info here:


Colorado: Act Now to Nullify the Unconstitutional Federal Ban on Hemp

Senate bill 13-241, a bill to legalize Industrial Hemp within Colorado borders has passed the state Senate and is moving the house for concurrence.  If passed into law, the bill would nullify the current unconstitutional federal ban on farming and production of hemp within the state. This legislation will return regulation of hemp where it belongs, to the state of Colorado.

The bill passed the Senate late last week by a vote of 34-1.  It has been assigned to the House Agriculture, Livestock and Resources Committee. Your help is needed to move this bill forward and nullify the unconstitutional federal ban on hemp farming and production.

The United States is currently the world’s #1 importer of hemp, which is used in food products, clothing, oil and much more.  The top exporters are China and Canada.  The United States is the only developed nation that fails to cultivate industrial hemp as an economic crop, according to the Congressional Resource Service.  At this time of economic difficulty, 13-241 would not only expand freedom and support the Constitution, it would also be a great jobs bill.

Action Items

1. Contact the Chairman on  the House Agriculture, Livestock and Resources Committee. Thank the Chairman for sponsoring this bill and let him know you’d like to see a hearing and vote on it soon.

Randy Fischer 303-866-2917 randyfischer@frii.com

2. Contact all the other Members of the Committee. Respectfully let each of them know you want a YES vote on SB13-241. Educate them on the fact that hemp is used in a LOT of products in your local grocery store.  So why shouldn’t Colorado farmers earn an income instead of importing from China or Canada?

Ed Virgil 303-866-2916 edvigil1@gmail.com
Perry Buck 303-866-2907 perrybuck49@gmail.com
Don Coram 303-866-2955 don.coram.house@state.co.us


Illinois: Act now to help stop warrantless drone spying

Illinois SB1587, the Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act, passed the State Senate with a vote of 52-1.  It is now in the House and has been referred to the Rules Committee.

If passed into law, a vast majority of drone use would be ended in Illinois.   This is a BIG step forward for the privacy in the State of Illinois.  Please act now, to support SB1587.


1. Contact the House Chair on Rules.  Politely ask her to schedule a hearing and vote YES on SB1587

Barbara Currie (217) 782-8121

2. Contact all the other members of the Rules Committee. Strongly, but respectfully, urge each of them to vote YES on SB1587.

Timothy Schmitz (217) 782-5457
Lou Lang (217) 782-1252
David Leitch (217) 782-8108
Frank Mautino (217) 782-0140


Missouri Action Alert: 2nd Amendment Preservation Act Needs Your Help!

Last week the Missouri House approved HB436, the 2nd amendment preservation act, by a strong veto-proof majority.  The bill now goes to the senate, where that kind of majority is absolutely essential as well.  We cannot allow Nixon the power to stop this historic legislation.

HB436 would nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books – past, present and future.  Please read on to learn more and take action right now to support the Constitution and your right to keep and bear arms!

WHAT’S NEXT?  (via mofirst.org)

  • Monday, April 22 – First Read in the Senate. HB 436 is formally introduced to the Senate.
  • Tuesday, April 23 – Second Read in the Senate. After this, at the pleasure of the President pro tem of the Senate, Tom Dempsey, the bill will be assigned to (probably) the General Laws Committee. Sen. Dempsey can choose to expedite this process, or delay. If he chooses to, the bill will be assigned that same day.
  • The chair of the General Laws Committee, Sen. Brian Nieves, must then schedule a hearing. Potentially, if he wants to bad enough, that hearing can be as soon as 24 hours after the bill is assigned to his committee. Sen. Nieves has committed to passing HB 436 out of his committee the same day he holds the hearing. His own SB 325, the Senate version of HB 436, has already been through the committee process, so the trail has been blazed.
  • After the Senate hearing, the bill is back in the pro tem, Sen. Tom Dempsey’s hands. He can either promptly place it on the Senate calendar for the entire Senate to consider, or he can delay the bill.
  • Once on the calendar, it’s up to the Majority Floor Leader, Sen. Ron Richard, to make time for debate and “perfection” before the whole Senate. At this time, amendments can be offered and opponents can filibuster the bill, so Ron’s support will be key — he needs to be willing to give it all the time needed to wear out any filibuster.
  • After perfection, no more amendments are allowed. It’s, again, up to floor leader Ron Richard to allow it the time to overcome another potential filibuster.
  • Once the Senate passes the bill, if there are any changes, it will have to go back to the House for another up or down vote.
  • After the House votes again, the bill will be delivered to the Governor to sign, veto, or do nothing, in which case it becomes law automatically.
  • If he vetoes it and there’s more than 15 days left in the session, the legislature can attempt to override his veto before May 17th. If there’s less than 15 days, it will have to wait for the standard September veto session.



Pennsylvania: Act Now to Help Nullify Federal Gun Control

HB357, The Second Amendment Preservation Act to nullify federal gun laws in the State of Pennsylvania, needs your help to move forward.

The bill has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.  Bill sponsor, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, has said that the bill needs 102 sponsors to get out of committee on to the full House for a vote.  It currently has 75 sponsors.

The Tenth Amendment Center requests your immediate help by contacting your state senator to express your support for this legislation.  We urge you to CALL and EMAIL.  Strongly, but respectfully, inform your representative that you are extremely concerned with federal infringements on the right to keep bear arms – and that you want them to SPONSOR HB357


1. Please contact your state representative.  First check the link for the following representatives who are co-sponsors to the bill. The most updated list of cosponsors are on the website to House Bill 357 can be found here. If your representative is not listed, please contact them and ask them to cosponsor HB357.   If they are, thank them for supporting the bill and encourage them to stand strong.

Contact information here:

2. Encourage your local community to take action as well.  Present the


Terrorizing the Constitution in Boston and Elsewhere

I was several blocks away at a bar when the bombs exploded, having finished my fourth Boston Marathon about an hour earlier. I was fatigued but enjoying the table fellowship of my fellow runners, telling stories, drinking Guinness and thinking all was right in the world. The bombs, by all accounts cowardly planted by two Chechen brothers, tore through that serenity and replaced it with tears, anger and fear.

Two days have now passed since the brothers were neutralized, one dead, the other hospitalized in serious condition. The media gave us a morbidly fascinating window to the action, a real life Running Man, where the bad guys were pursued in house-to-house searches with military precision courtesy of the billions in tax dollars that perfected the security-surveillance state we call America. Michel Foucalt was presciently right; we are living in a Panopticon.


Louisiana: Act Now to Support two Bills that Nullify Federal Gun Control

In Louisiana, two bills to protect your right to keep and bear arms against attacks by the federal government are moving forward.  Please read on and take the action steps below this introduction to support the 2nd Amendment today!  Votes are scheduled in the state house very soon – so your support is needed right now!

House Bill 5, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, a bill to prohibit the enforcement of any federal law in the state of Louisiana which attempts to either ban the ownership or possession of certain types of firearms, or impose registration requirements for such firearms, has passed committee 9-6. This bill is scheduled for a full House floor vote on April 23rd. Please contact your representative and tell him or her to vote YES on HB5.  (details below)

House Bill 45, the Louisiana Manufactured Firearms and Ammunition Act, a bill to protect privately owned firearms and manufacturers of firearms passed the Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice with a vote of 10-1.  This bill has been sent to the Committee on Appropriations. Please contact the committee and tell them to vote YES on HB45 so a state can create it’s own office that would regulate intrastate firearms manufacturing.


1. Contact your Representative. Strongly, but respectfully, urge him or her to vote YES on HB5.  The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

To find your representative:

ACTION ITEMS for House Bill 45


Reject the Obamacare Medicaid Extension

Colorado’s legislature and governor have opted to endanger our state’s financial future—and the quality of health care—by yoking Colorado to Obamacare’s risky and expensive “Medicare expansion.”

This is one area in which Colorado could take a lesson from our sister state to the north, Montana.

Montana has a long history of what used to be “prairie socialism” and often has made bad fiscal decisions. But on this issue Montanans got it right.

I was in the legislative galleries in Helena last Friday, when the state stepped back from the brink.

Democrats and some Republicans were pushing for the state to join the Medicaid expansion, enticed by “free federal money.” So they amended a bill designed to keep the state free from the expansion to one chaining the state tothe expansion.

The rules of the state house of representatives generally provide that when the purpose of a bill is changed, it should go back to committee for review. So in a courageous move guaranteed to irritate the state’s “opinion leaders,” Speaker of the House Mark Blasdel decided to just that.