Jan Brewer, You’re Fired!

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 2, 2013) – Governor Jan Brewer, or as she’s commonly being referred to as, “Federal Deputy Brewer,” vetoed Arizona’s bill that would allow, but not mandate, businesses and the state government to accept payments in gold or silver. Currently all debts and taxes in Arizona and the rest of the United States are either paid with Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) which were authorized as legal tender by Congress, or with coins issued by the U.S. Treasury — very few of which have gold or silver in them.

What Federal Deputy Brewer fails to acknowledge is that, The United States Constitution states in Article I, Section 10, “No State shall… make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” The Arizona Constitutional Tender Bill would’ve been a big step towards that constitutional requirement, which has been ignored for a long time in every state of the country. Disregarding the constitution is not a big surprise coming from the ALL show and no action, finger shaking Brewer!

Jan Brewer has a track record for not following the constitution! She is in favor of indefinite detention of American citizens, which she made clear last year by vetoing SB1182. She worked behind the scenes to block Arizona’s gun control nullification bill SB1112, while her conservative colleagues in Kansas, for an example, signed it into law. She’s currently in the middle of trying to get Arizona to participate in Obamacare’s medicaid expansion, which violates Article 27, Section 2 of the Arizona constitution. And now, by vetoing SB1439, our tyrannical state overlord is proving that not only is she a fan of the federal reserve, but her concern for our U.S. constitution and her own states’ economy is superseded by the directives given to her from her federal cronies up in D.C.


New Evidence Suggests Obama’s “Recess Appointments” Are Not Valid

Litigation over President Obama’s “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board is going to the Supreme Court. A similar battle is being waged among lawyers about whether the President’s appointments to that Board, and to the Consumer Financial Protection Board, are constitutional.

At stake is the legal validity of hundreds of administrative decisions and regulations.

There are two constitutional issues involved. President Obama, like earlier Presidents, maintains that when the Constitution allows him to appoint officials without Senate approval so as to fill vacancies during “the Recess,” the latter term includes breaks within a session of the Senate, not just formal breaks between sessions. In addition, he claims (like many others before him) that for the vacancy to “happen,” as that word is used in the Constitution, it is enough that the vacancy continue into a recess. It doesn’t have to be created then.


Vermont Opens Season On Drones

The Vermont General Assembly will consider a  “Drone Regulation Act” during the current legislative  session.

Representative Kevin Christie sponsored  House Bill 540, joined by 24 other patriots as cosponsors.

The bill would create a new chapter (205) to regulate drones in Vermont.

Except as provided in subsection (b) of this section, a law enforcement agency shall not use a drone for any purpose or disclose or receive information acquired through the operation of a drone.

Upon a close look at the bill, we find a few points that are essential to the security of a free nation. The bill clearly supports the right to privacy and our expectations that our homes and persons should remain free from unreasonable, unauthorized and/or illegal searches.

Under the proposed law, the use of drones in Vermont will only be permitted  by law enforcement agencies after obtaining a warrant, or under specific emergency circumstances. The Department of Public Safety, Municipal Police, Sheriff’s Department, Attorney General’s Office, The States Attorney’s office and the Capitol Police Department will be authorized to use drones, but will strictly be limited to use under specific conditions.


Fraud Waste and Abuse: Congress funds Military Hardware the Army Doesn’t Want

Congress constantly banks on votes of citizens by bribing people with promises, most of which they cannot fulfill. However national security becomes the hot topic where nothing can be cut, while millions of jobs based on the free market disappear.

As the economy continues to desend, the economy remains the top priority of many politicians to keep their job. The best way to guarantee a vote is to create jobs based on national security. Cities and States have now become dependent on military spending to create jobs in areas where there is a major decline in the economy. These jobs feed into the military industrial complex and hijack states in a no win situation to provide services or products that aren’t even needed.

This situation will not save the economies in states because more and more taxpayer money will be needed to fund pork projects, but it also neglects to address the issue that if these unnecessary jobs are not cut, something service members will need, will be cut. The DoD does have a budget (minus the intelligence black hole budgets) that it will have to adhere to.

Representatives have completely ignored the DoD’s request that it does not need certain products as it tries to trim its budget. However, congress has listened to the dire requests of voters that these jobs cannot disappear because it’s a national security issue. Simply put representatives try to keep districts, cities, and states afloat by funding jobs that have no demand. Jobs like those that produce the M1 Abrams tank. If it was such a national security issue, why would the DoD plead to not have one more tank?