Florida Action Alert: A Full-Court Press to Nullify Federal Gun Control

The full-court press is on to get a 2nd Amendment Preservation Act passed by the Florida legislature in the next session!

This is an exciting and extremely important objective, but it  likely won’t succeed without a strong ground game at the grassroots level. You don’t have to wait for state lawmakers to act. You can start the process right now, today, by working to get your city and county governments to pass ordinances refusing cooperation with federal officials trying to enforce unconstitutional gun laws in the Sunshine State.

In order to take this to the next level and get a victory, your action is needed right now.  Starting today, and all the way through the rest of the year, local governments around the state need to be pressed to take action – passing legislation in support of the right to keep and bear arms and refusing to cooperate with the feds locally.  And at the same time, calling on the state legislature to do the same.  When the state is blanketed with local communities willing to nullify violations of the Second Amendment, the state legislature will be on notice.  Do your job, or else.

Some local officials have resisted taking action, insisting “localities are prevented by Florida statute from enacting laws regarding the regulation of firearms.” They either don’t understand, or they are lying. The state law was meant to prevent a hodgepodge of confusing local firearms regulations by maintaining authority at the state level. But it says nothing about determining priorities for local law enforcement or directing the utilization of their resources.This noncooperation ordinance is not a regulation on firearms. It’s a directive to local law enforcement and perfectly legal under state law.

It’s going to take work to ensure that this is how things play out.  Here’s what you can start doing right now.

1.  Contact your local legislators – County, City, Town – and urge them to introduce an ordinance in support of the Second Amendment.


Must Read: Hayek’s Why the Worst Get on Top

Cross-posted from the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center.

If you can only ever read one thing by Hayek, may I suggest: “Why the Worst Get on Top“, chapter 10 from “The Road To Serfdom“?  I can’t say it better than he did, so I’ll just give you some highlights to whet your appetite.

“…We must here return for a moment to the position which precedes the suppression of democratic processes and the creation of a totalitarian regime.  In this stage it is the general demand for quick and determined central government action that is the dominating element in the situation, dissatisfaction with the slow and cumbersome course of democratic processes which make action for action’s sake the goal….

… If the ‘community’ or the state are prior to the individual, if they have ends of their own independent of and superior to those of the individuals, only those individuals who work for the same ends can be regarded as members of the community. …