First Step to Nullify Indefinite Detention in Coos County, Oregon

Last week, Coos County, Ore., commissioners passed a resolution opposing indefinite detention provisions written into the National Defense Authorization Act.

WHEREAS it appears to the Board of Commissioners the subsections 1021 and 1022 of Title X, Subtitle D of the NDAA authorizes indefinite military detention of persons the U.S. government suspects of involvement with terrorism, including U.S. citizens on American soil;

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the board of commissioners oppose the above-described provisions of the NDAA.

The resolution also asks the sheriff to “develop and implement a policy consistent with this resolution.”

The measure passed 2-1, and Sheriff Craig Zanni said he would sign on.

“It may not be as strong as some people like, but I think it works,” Zanni said.

Coos County joins a chorus of local governments across the U.S. opposing federal kidnapping. The commission took a strong first step. The resolutions sends an emphatic message to Salem, where state lawmakers have struggled to move state level indefinite detention nullification through the legislature.

Now activists need to seize the momentum and push for a binding ordinance prohibiting any county cooperation with federal indefinite detention. And other counties and cities in Oregon need to follow suit. Counties and cities can refuse to assist any federal attempts at indefinite detention in their jurisdictions. These measures will not only provide  practical protections for their citizens, they will send a strong message to state legislators and put the pressure on to nullify federal kidnapping at the state level in the next legislative session.


Ohio Action Alert: Time to Nullify Indefinite Detention Locally

Sources indicate a bill to nullify indefinite detention in Ohio is in the works. That’s good news! But you don’t have to wait for state lawmakers to take action. You can jump start the movement  to protect against federal kidnapping in Ohio right now, today, by working right where you live.

Government bodies at the local level can step into the fray. Counties and cities can refuse to assist any federal attempts at indefinite detention in their jurisdictions. These measures will not only provide  practical protections for their citizens, they will send a strong message to Columbus.

When you build a network of support from the ground up, it will create a strong mechanism to demand that your state legislature will do the same.  One step, and one community at a time, you can nullify indefinite detention.


1.  Contact your local legislators – County, City, Town – and urge them to introduce model legislation in support of the Liberty Preservation Act.

local ordinance here:

2.  Become a local leader.   If you’re dedicated to stopping federally sanctioned kidnapping, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to not only act on your own, but to organize and lead others to help support these efforts. 


Utah Aids Federal Lawlessness

The state of Utah has sided with the feds against the Constitution by choosing to enforce a “law” that denies gun rights to sick people.

“Utah, complying with the federal Gun Control Act, denies or revokes concealed-carry firearms permits for anyone with a prescription for marijuana. While Utah doesn’t allow marijuana to treat ailments, eight of the 31 states that recognize Utah’s concealed firearms permit do,” The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Utah does not allow for the use of medical marijuana, but eight of the 31 states that recognize its concealed firearms permit do. Utah’s permits are extremely popular outside of the state.

The federal law does not deny conceal permits to those taking prescription opiates or other drugs.

This situation perfectly illustrates the callousness and idiocy of federal law. Because a seriously ill patient’s doctor chooses to treat her with cannabis (tremendously beneficial for a whole host of ailments, despite what the DEA says), the feds deny a constitutionally protected right.  Meanwhile, if a doctor prescribes pharmaceutical pills that kill thousands of people per year, are highly addictive and have far more negative side-effects than marijuana, they are free to hold a concealed carry permit, unless they are suspected of abuse.

Talk about a horrific and ridiculous double-standard.


Smashing Myths: Southern States and Nullification

Slavery was a morally corrupt and abhorrent institution that should have never existed.

No question. No debate.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about nullification’s history in the Southern states prior to the Civil War.

Over time, a Paul Bunyan type myth has grown suggesting that the Southern states were strong advocates of nullification as a means to protect their institution of slavery. In 2011, Rachel Maddow presented a news segment on her show about nullification. She stated that John C. Calhoun was a proponent of both slavery and nullification, more than implying the two are linked.

If that was the case, it would be pretty gross.

But it’s not.

Southern states never attempted to nullify anything in defense of slavery.

There is no dispute that Calhoun defended slavery. He was a slaver. In that sense, he’s a reprehensible character. And he also advocated for nullification.

However, Calhoun didn’t suggest using nullification as a means to maintain slavery. During the Nullification Crisis, Calhoun advocated the nullification doctrine as a means to protect Southern states against high tariffs that were impacting the Southern exports. Again, he advocated nullification against tariffs not for the promotion of slavery. During her televised segment, Maddow never mentioned the word, “tariffs.” Not once.

To demonize nullification because a slaver advocated the principle for something unrelated to slavery is nothing more than a textbook ad hominem attack.

If you bought into that false narrative, you should be forgiven. After all, conventional wisdom links the two. But now you know the truth. And if your mistaken perception that nullification was all about slavery led you to abhor the doctrine, the actual history of nullification should lead you to embrace the principles with abandon!