County-Level Push to Protect 2nd Amendment in Florida

Written By Francisco Rodriguez, Theile Riordan and Andrew Nappi

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center has launched campaigns to preserve the Second Amendment in all 67 Florida counties. This comes weeks after FLTAC launched county campaigns to Stop Common Core and preserve the educational rights of parents and states. These action campaigns are provided to give the tools to liberty activists for encouraging their Board of County Commissioners to support and pass the Florida Tenth Amendment Center’s Local Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance.

Join Your County’s Action Campaign using the links below:

Read the Act Here:

*Lee County & Collier County have passed Second Amendment Preservation Resolutions, and although a step in the right direction, the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance extends even further to defend your liberty.


Political Pressure is Like Real Estate

I have a confession.  I’m not one of those suave guys who always does everything right.  I once put diesel fuel in my car only to find out that diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline are not interchangeable.  As an usher at a wedding I once seated relatives of the groom in the row designated for family, only to discover a few minutes later that they weren’t closely enough related to sit there.  My request that they move has created a family rift that has endured for half a decade.

But one of the most foolish things I have ever done is contact federal politicians with the expectation that they would listen and respond to my concerns.  Unfortunately, I seem to have a lot of company in making this mistake.  Even today, after decades of federal politicians’ near-universal indifference to their constituents, many people seem to believe that if they can just organize a large enough number of people, they can effect change at the federal level.

Sorry, folks, it just ain’t gonna happen.  I’ve contacted federal representatives of both parties over the course of my adult years and have gotten exactly the same amount of satisfaction from each occasion.  Which is to say, none.


Anti-Nullifiers Embrace ‘Living Breathing’ Constitution

“Conservatives” and Republicans often rail against the “liberal” belief in a “living breathing” Constitution.

And rightly so.

A written constitution operates just like a contract. Its meaning remains static unless amended, and the understanding of those who entered into the contract at the time of its approval governs that meaning. It does not change over time. The people must make changes via the amendment process.

Contrast that with an unwritten or “uncodified” constitution. England does not have a written constitution. Its government operates based on custom, statute, usage and precedent. Who decides the meaning and proper operation of “constitutional” government? The judiciary, government committees and legal experts. This type of government offers a great deal of elasticity. When it faces a problem, it need not worry about violating a written constitution with static meaning. The Parliament can simply pass new statutes. Or judges can formulate a new legal maxim. The judiciary takes precedence in this kind of system, setting legal precedent and guiding the evolution of the government.