Obama Packs Surveillance Review Board With D.C. Insiders

After the uproar over his plan to appoint Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to head his intelligence review board, President Obama promised to pack the group with “outside experts.”

News of the names of board members reveals that the president’s definition of “outside” comes from somewhere outside the dictionary.

The five men tapped to lead the panel known officially as the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies are Richard A. Clarke (shown), Michael Morell, Cass Sunstein, Geoffrey Stone, and Peter Swire.

It would be challenging to assemble a group more “inside” the government.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s response to the announcement of the board members sums up the situation exactly. Said EFF: “A task force led by General Clapper full of insiders — and not directed to look at the extensive abuse — will never get at the bottom of the unconstitutional spying.”


Missouri Action Alert: Help Override the Veto and Nullify Gun Control!

HB436, the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, passed by a wide veto-proof majority. But, Jay Nixon vetoed the bill. If passed into law, it would nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books – past, present and future. There’s a veto-session starting this Wednesday, September 11. Your action is needed today to pressure state legislators to do what they said they would – override that veto!

In recent weeks, the establishment has been coming out very aggressively to stop the bill, and torpedo any effort to override the veto. Mainstream media from the New York Times, to Fox News, the AP and Huffington Post have all slammed HB436 as crazy, unconstitutional, or just plain wrong.

Things seemed to hold strong among Missouri republicans against the media attacks. Those are expected.

But now, there are cracks in the armor and your help is needed to give these politicians the courage needed to override Jay Nixon’s veto on HB436. The last-minute opposition to the bill came from what some consider to be a very surprising source – Missouri Law Enforcement.

The great concern is that Missouri sheriffs and police would be banned from assisting the federal government in carrying out all federal gun laws.

That’s not a concern, that’s the GOAL!

As James Madison said in Federalist #46, this is exactly what states are supposed to do when faced with unconstitutional – or even just unpopular – federal acts. He called it a “refusal to cooperate with officers of the union.” Judge Andrew Napolitano agrees, and recently said on Fox Business that doing so across an entire state would make federal gun laws “nearly impossible to enforce.”


Another Notable Amicus Brief in Bond v. United States

In noting the principal amicus briefs in Bond v. United States, I overlooked this one on behalf of Chemical Weapons Convention Negotiators and Experts. As described in this news release from Indiana University: In the brief, the arms control experts support the U.S. government’s position that, properly interpreted, the treaty requires states parties, including the United States, to apply its prohibitions on…


Thomas Jefferson on Unconstitutional Acts

Some pretty straightforward stuff here