Drug Policy Reformers Weigh Jury Nullification to Stop War on Drugs

During a large drug policy reform summit held in Denver from Oct. 23 to 26, a panel convened to consider jury nullification as a tool to bring the so-called ‘War On Drugs’ to a halt.

The event, co-hosted by groups including the ACLU and NORML, was planned to ‘explore the history of jury nullification, its use in drug cases, how to use jury nullification as an advocacy tool, and strategies for building a jury nullification movement to stem the tide of the drug war,’ according to a recent Huffington Post article.


NSA’s Corporate Cronies Must Be Resisted As Well

We must not forget the crucial role that corporations play in helping the NSA.

Aside from the corporations forced to comply with the government’s information demands, we have businesses that assist them in operating. They are happy to do the NSA’s unconstitutional bidding in return for a little dirty cash. The NSA is more than happy to throw around its endless supply of printed debt-money to anyone willing to help, and plenty of disgraceful, unscrupulous corporations out there are willing to work with them. They need to be called out for this.