On December 2, 2013, Josh Tolley welcomed Michael Boldin to his daily GCN broadcast. They discussed nullification as a way to resist federal acts that violate the constitution and your liberty.

Boldin “No one would ever think that an organization that has the power to determine the extent of it’s own power would ever say ‘my power is limited'”

Tolley “See that’s what I like about the Tenth Amendment Center. There are 3100 counties and every 4 years we focus on changing DC and every 4 years we’re disappointed with the outcome. Yet if we took back 1600 of those 3100 counties it would basically neuter DC and DC wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.”          


Nullification for 2014! A Message from TAC Founder Michael Boldin

If you haven’t already made a donation to The Tenth Amendment Center, we hope you will do so as we close 2013 and start 2014. Our plans for spreading ideas and action items for liberty depend on your end-of-year support. We are pleased to announce that the Tenth Amendment Center is more than halfway to…