Indiana bill to nullify common core standards passes out of committee

The bill’s author, (Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis), has framed the bill as one that would destroy Common Core standards. Schneider stated: “This is the legislature speaking finally about this issue once and for all. Indiana is going to write its own standards.” Schneider is among a group of legislators that believes Indiana wisely crafted academic standards that are more relevant and superior to Common Core. When a strong backlash against Common Core occurred last year in Indiana, a chief reason for opposition was that the initiative was too closely affiliated with the interests of the federal Department of Education.


Action Alert: Nullify Warrantless Drone Surveillance in Georgia

HB560 would prohibit the use of drones by law enforcement without a warrant in Georgia in most cases, and would make drone data obtained without a warrant inadmissible in court. STATUS: The bill was introduced in 2013 and referred to  the Judiciary Non-Civil Committee. It remains alive in that committee. YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED NOW to…