Washington State house passes anti-drone bill, 83-15

House Bill 2789 (HB2789) was filed by Rep. Dave Taylor (R-Moxee) and a bipartisan group of five democrats and six republicans. The bill prohibits the use of drones to collect personal information that “describes, locates, or indexes anything about a person” without a warrant “made in writing, upon oath or affirmation, to a judicial officer…where there is probable cause.”


Washington State house votes to nullify federal hemp ban, 97-0

Sponsored by Representative Matt Shea (R), along with Christopher Hurst (D), Cary Condotta (R), Jeff Holy (R), David Taylor (R) and Jason Overstreet (R), the Hemp Freedom Act would “permit the development in Washington of an industrial hemp industry,” effectively nullifying the de facto federal prohibition on the farming and production of hemp crops within the United States.


New Hampshire Alert: Tuesday vote on two anti-spying bills

On Tuesday, a New Hampshire house committee will be deciding the fate of two bills against warrantless surveillance in the “Live Free or Die” state. Two important bills (HB1533 / HB1619) have been introduced this year by Representative Neal Kurk (R) in the New Hampshire State House.Together, they bills would prohibit the sharing and use…