Oaths of Office and the Tenth Amendment

On March 31st, I was a guest on The Dignitary podcast. The show’s topic was the oath of office that politicians take, particularly that of upholding the Constitution. The Dignitary’s host, Jacob, and I discussed NSA spying and the importance of the Tenth Amendment Center’s motto, “The Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses.”



New Hampshire Bill Would Drastically Limit Drone Use

The New Hampshire legislature will consider a bill in the 2014 session that would take big steps towards fully protecting residents and visitors from prying eyes in the sky.

Rep. Joe Duarte (R-Candia) has introduced HB 1361. If passed, the act would would prohibit the use of drones by law enforcement to gather evidence without a warrant over the Granite State in most cases.


A Question for Limited Government Centralizers

The phenomenon that continues to amaze me is how we who believe in decentralization often find ourselves in political agreement with people who hold completely different conceptions about the correct role of government. Conversely, those who agree with us politically are often the harshest critics of our insistence on decentralization.