The Constitutional Warriors in Quartzsite

Jennifer Jones, on June 28th was given the floor to speak at the public meeting of the City Council. As she began to speak City Council Member, Mr. Winslow, moved to motion to stop Jennifer Jones from speaking. The struggle then began between Mr. Winslow and Mayor Foster in allowing Jennifer to speak. Mr. Winslow asked for the police to remove Ms. Jones from the meeting, while the Mayor kept telling Police Chief Gilbert he was in violation of his rules of order. The Police Chief as well as two other officers wrestled the microphone from Ms. Jones and correspondingly arrested her for resisting and took her from the meeting. This is a classic example of stepping upon the First and Fourth Amendment rights of Ms. Jones as well as the Arizona Constitution Article 2 Section 5 & 6 . Police Chief Gilbert was in direct opposition of following the order of Mayor Foster. Since this episode at the June 28th meeting a power struggle between the City Council, Mayor Foster, and the Police Chief has ensued and many interesting points are coming to light. Something is very wrong in Quartzsite!

Quartzsite Fiasco Video of town hall meeting as well as actions taken by the Police Officers.

Since this infamous meeting the City Council called a private meeting to oust the Mayor and give the power to the Police Chief, this is in direct violation of Arizona Statute Chapter 3 Article 3.1 38-431.01. On May 11 of this year 10 of the 12 Quartzsite Police Department had signed a letter of “No Confidence in Police Chief Gilbert and since has requested investigations. Upon these actions the Police Chief Gilbert has tried to fire the Officers who signed the above letter, as well as ordered the officers that they must stay in their homes during the day. Some have claimed that this was the declaration of Marshall Law in the town of Quartzsite. The abuse of power runs deep and long in this small town and time for the people to help clean it up!


Report: Health Care Lawsuit in Pensacola

From December 16th, 2010

Federal Courthouse in Pensacola, Florida

At 9am sharp court was in session to hear the case of the 20 States against the Federal Government’s Health Care Insurance Mandate.

Plaintiffs: To represent the state of Florida was Attorney General McCollum, future Attorney General Bondi, Special Council to the A.G., Deputy of A.G.; Representatives from the States of: Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Nebraska, and Utah. 

Defendants: There were 4 representatives for the Federal Government. (They introduced themselves as the Attorneys of the “United States” ~ (In my opinion that is a misnomer because 20 of the states can not sue themselves as they are part of the United States.)

I am not an attorney nor a reporter so this article will be on what I witnessed and heard in the court room to the best of my ability as a citizen of Florida.  My opinions will be stated within brackets.

Federal Judge Roger Vinson began by reminding everyone that the 3 branches of the Federal Government and the State Governments take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.  He then directed everyone’s attention to the painting in the court of Judge John Marshal, the first Supreme Court Justice.