A Fresh Perspective on the Tenther Movement

This fresh perspective on our Tenther movement comes from Mother Jones Magazine writer Stephanie Mencimer in this month’s issue.  Also- save the date!  CATAC’s first Nullify Now! event is now slated for April 20th, 2011 in Los Angeles. -B

If at First You Don’t Secede

Meet the legalization-loving, Iraq-War-hating Californian who’s become a guru to the state sovereignty movement.

By Stephanie Mencimer

17 CommentsPost CommentJuly/August 2010 Issue

This February, around 300 conservative activists and candidates gathered at the Atlanta airport Hilton to celebrate the Tenth Amendment, the oft-overlooked constitutional provision that’s become the philosophical underpinning of opposition to everything—from bank bailouts to federal gun laws to the new health care bill. Among the speakers were the author of The South Was Right; a man who’d done time for evading taxes while running a gold and silver “bank”; and Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court justice who lost his robes after refusing to remove a giant Ten Commandments from his courthouse.

The odd man out was Michael Boldin, the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center


Is Gay Marriage the Key to Ending Obamacare?

In David Kopel’s July 9th post, he shares with readers some of the legal reasons why the recent Gay Marriage decision was a boon for Tenthers.  Though current nullification efforts do not depend on the courts for validation, this article is important to study.  Many Americans still find themselves as disciples of the judiciary & for debates with people of this mindset, you can share with them some of the points below.  It seems that even the courts are taking a renewed interest in our Tenth Amendment.

Until Men Are All Like Angels, We’ll Need the 10th Amendment

Here’s a great article from last week’s Houston Chronicle, reminding us all why we need a government in the first place.  Men, no matter how noble today, can be corrupted in the snake pit known as Washington DC.  We can even look to FDR himself in this respect.  While governor of New York, Roosevelt touted…


Have the Neo-Con Right and Socialist Left Awakened a Sleeping Giant?

It has been said that future struggles will not be between left and right, but rather between fundamentalist-extremists and moderates.  If that is true, a new poll published by the Pew Research Center would indicate that the fundamentalists within American governance have severely overplayed their hand. People inclined to moderate viewpoints are just that- moderate…


Tenth Amendment Forum Mixes Candidates, Grassroots

In part two of our Tenth Amendment Forum coverage, we focus on California Gubernatorial candidate Chelene Nightingale.  Like the Ron Paul presidential campaign three years ago, Nightingale’s message has resonated in social and alternative media.  CATAC’s Bryce Shonka followed Nightingale with the event’s final statement. Behind the Tenth Amendment Forum was a collaboration between Gene…


Chuck DeVore and Michael Boldin Talk State Sovereignty

At Sunday’s Tenth Amendment Forum in Woodland Hills, US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore and Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin delivered speeches on state sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment. DeVore explained why politicans must stand behind the constitution with consistency, even when they disagree with the social policy that might result. Boldin covered nullification- in…


Resisting DC: Not Just for Republicans

A massive movement continues to build momentum as those unwilling to submit to unconstitutional Federal demands gather in huge numbers, but what kinds of people are these?  The establishment media would have us believe that the resistance is only a ‘Republican scheme’, but a new report by The Winston Group suggests that 40% of those…