Sovereignty Resolutions: A Message to the UNITED STATES

Time after time I see this: “Sovereignty resolutions are a pointless waste of time.  The Federal Government has yet to acknowledge one and they aren’t even legally binding.” Such a statement can only come from a very narrow view of our current reality. Sovereignty, above all else legal and otherwise, is a state of mind. …


We ARE Mainstream

Every attempt is being made by the corporate media to peg the 10th Amendment movement as just another incarnation of the Republican party.  Attacks on liberty minded folks blindly color us with the same contempt previously directed at the Neo-Conservatives and other right wing groups. There’s just one problem with their strategy- this movement is…


Obama: Establishment Pawn

When I first heard about Mr. Obama, upstart Senator from Illinois I liked the story.  An American tale indeed, immigrant father meets American mother.  Even the bloodline connection to Dick Cheney was a part of the improbable saga.  Way before the presidential primary campaign I decided to subscribe to his podcast, but after listening something…


Is THAT All You’ve Got?

I was scanning the ‘nets and found some interesting responses to MT’s Firearms Freedom Act that I thought I would share.

“How much is Al Qaeda paying this “Grass roots movement” to try to make an ‘end run’ on the US Governments Constitutional rights? (Yes, I said what I meant).  I do not believe that ‘Most Montanans’ feel they way Al Qaedas paid stooges do.  Bin Laden knows that the only way to “defeat Freedom of thought” is to divide the USA and conquer from within like he is doing in the Mideast.. “

Hurry everybody, to your designated ‘Al Qaeda’ meeting points.

“Is the Constitution an idol to worship? I hate to play the role of anarchist, but to kill is also breaking a law set forth thousands of years ago, by the true parchment of law. Guns are only made for killing. In the hands of laymen and criminals, they are deadly for anybody, not just to the true enemy, like Al Qaeda or insurgents. Civilians owning guns is vigilant and treacherous.”

Before I could generate the thought myself, I read the next post which summed up my response perfectly.


Iran: The Usual Suspect

Sabre rattling about Iran’s nuclear program was once again everywhere in the corporate media last week.  Despite sounding strangely familiar it was Obama’s administration this time, perceived by many as an ‘anti-war’ candidate before the general election last year. So much for that. Many have analyzed the Iran nuclear scenario and can find no motive…


Speech by Michael Opitz of Madison Forum

Michael Opitz Tea Party Speech, Marietta Georgia, July 3, 2009 Good evening my Name is Michael Opitz and I am President of the Madison Forum, a civic non-partisan organization focused on “Good Government” through understanding truth and facts. I want to give special recognition to Madison Forum Member, Richard Gruetter, self-taught Constitutional Scholar from whose…