Defy Not Comply: Rallying Cry For Nullification in Virginia

nullification flyerI have been bitterly complaining about the lack of fight in the GOP. At both the state and the federal level, the Republicans continue to meekly allow our Republic to march into the shadow of the gallows.

Well there is at least one GOP figure in Virginia that will stand up for our natural rights. And not surprisingly, that person is E.W. Jackson. Please listen to the interview linked here, where Jackson beautifully lays out the case against what the establishment Republican’s are now selling….that we have to meekly accept Obamacare in Virginia.

We will likely be hearing a lot more of this tagline “defy not comply.” Let’s pray that this kind of political courage will be infectious. Here is more from E.W. Jackson, who is running for Lt. Governor this year.

CHESAPEAKE, VA – E.W. Jackson, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia released the following statement on the Virginia House of Delegates passing HB1769, “Health Insurance: Plan Management and Rate Review”: