The Future for the Liberty Movement

The Ron Paul Revolution is no longer about a single man who embodies the ideas we all believe in…it is about all of us who believe in the ideas of Liberty. It’s about finding one another where we live, closest to our homes, families, communities, cities, counties and states to move into positions of power and of leadership and influence. The Ron Paul Revolution is no longer about getting the right President, now it’s about the right Mayor and city councilmen/women. It’s about thinking multi-generationally right wehre we live, like man we all have adored for his steadfastness despite not seeing all of it come to fruition in his time as an elected official.

It’s about electing a Constitution Sheriff in your county and MINE! It’s about removing fderal strangleholds on our local businesses and protecting property rights of individuals from the abuse of corporatism. It’s about Constitutional money at the state level. It’s no longer about being an “American” for Liberty, but a Floridian (my home state) and a Georgian and an Alaskan and a Texan for Liberty.

The movement MUST move from there (D.C.) to here (your home town and state) and from “back then” (1776) to right now.

In Florida, we have started Liberty Take Over for the specific purpose of electing Liberty candidates to the most local and state-wide positions we can throughout Florida.

How are we are doing with our goal of electing Liberty Candidates:


Tenth Amendment Committees: On the Ground Activism

NOTE: Francisco Rodriguez will be a featured speaker at Nullify Now! Jacksonville.  Get tickets here – – or by calling 888-71-TICKETS

What is a Tenth Amendment Committee (tac)?
A Tenth Amendment Committee is a groups formed within an organization (Political Party from local to national, Political Action Committee, Activist Groups, Social Justice Groups, etc.) whose exclusive purpose is to Educate and Activate on issues that surround the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

What would the Education entail within a 10th Amendment Committee?
Without effectively understanding the role of the federal government and the enumerated powers found in the US Constitution knowing the 10th Amendment gives you very little to work with regarding the role of the states and the people within the federated Republic of these United States.  Classes or events on the US Constitution and the nullification powers of the states and the people are necessary to become an effective Activist in LIMITING FEDERAL POWER to only the powers the Founders intended in the Constitution.  The Florida Tenth Amendment Center in collaboration with the National Tenth Amendment Center will be providing information and educational tools surrounding the US Constitution and the nullification powers of the states and the people for your Tenth Amendment Committee to use and distribute.


Compounding Liberty

What is the purpose of a state government? Historically, and even in modern times, countries with states or provinces we’re ruled by a strong central government. Any rules that were passed by the central government applied to each state. So, do we really need states? The Founders intended to make American states completely different than…