Forced Vaccinations = Medical Tyranny

Supporters of forced vaccinations argue that the greater good is served by forcing vaccinations in situations where the threat of an outbreak is great. Individual rights are brushed aside in the interest of the greater good. This should send chills up our spines as similar logic has been used to provide moral cover for crimes throughout human history.

The UN already claims to have this power over 194 countries:

The International Health Regulations (IHR) pursuant to Article 21 of the Constitution of WHO came into force in June 2007 and allow the General-Director of WHO to declare an international health emergency. In such a case, the Director-General can impose regulations, including “sanitary and quarantine requirements and other procedures designed to prevent the international spread of disease”, also travel restrictions. In the event of WHO declaring a pandemic, WHO has the authority to order forced vaccinations around the world.

All 194 signatory countries to IHR must comply. A list of countries which have signed the WHO Constitution can be found under this link.

In the US, the public is being conditioned to believe that:


Liberty for Security: A Reasonable Trade-Off?

It seems with each new day in modern America, we learn of some new threat to our safety and our future. But we often take comfort in knowing that there is a plan. Those we have elected to watch out for the common good surely already have the situation under control. They are just letting us know about the threats so that when we notice that a bit of our liberty has been constrained, we will understand why. They remind us that they need the resources and authority to handle the threat so that we can be safe and so that our future can be secured. Most of us think that a bit of liberty for more security is a reasonable trade off and few have questioned it, until recently.

Now, people are beginning to ask hard questions:


Can I Ask You A Question?

cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center

Can I ask you a question?

Do you remember the junior high prank that starts with that phrase? It would usually be followed with a request to restrict your answer to a simple “yes or no”.  For maximum effect, this prank is usually done in front of a large group of people.

The question would usually be along these lines:

Does your mother know you are pregnant?
Does so and so know you have a crush on them?

How does the prank work?

Most people freeze like a deer staring into headlights coming right at them.

The hesitation comes from the realization that no matter which way you answer, yes or no, you lose. The stunned hesitation makes the prank even more effective as people wonder why you won’t answer the question. The other common response;  arguing, includes a defensive tone which allows the questioner to climb up on the superiority seat and repeat the question condescendingly “ don’t get so excited, just answer yes or no”…

Aren’t you glad you aren’t in junior high anymore so you don’t have to deal with deceptive “no win questions?”

Alas, that was a trick question as well…

This same technique is actually used by media pundits every day as they frame issues for your consideration.


Independence Forever

An Independence Day article cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center. Worth a read the day after.


“Independence Forever”

These words were uttered by John Adams, as a toast to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Iindependence. Those words were also among his last as both he and Thomas Jefferson died that very day, that very year, on July 4, 1826.

It is not uncommon to hear of someone dying after getting an emotional closure they had long been seeking. In hospice care, when someone lingers long and is suffering, the caregivers are exhorted to plumb the depths and determine what closure they need so they can pass on peacefully. Sometimes it will be one last hug or kiss from a loved one they haven’t seen in a while, other times it will be permission to go from those they are leaving behind, and sometimes it is simply the certainty that their life mattered, that they will be remembered, that their legacy and heritage will live on.

I suspect that it was more than just a coincidence that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, 50 years after the first Independence Day. The passion of their life was spent securing liberty for their families, their nation, and those who would follow. Benjamin Franklin, in answering a question about what type of government we were to have, said “a republic if you can keep it”. Clearly the founders were concerned that their sacrifices may be for nothing, that the effort to secure liberty may ultimately fail. Perhaps celebrating the 50th anniversary of their independence was a sort of closure for them, an important symbolic milestone that the republic would survive and endure.


Tenther presidential candidates getting press in Florida

Some Florida media outlets are pointing out that Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are Tenthers. Their support of the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution is likely to resonate among Florida’s voters.

“Obama won America’s biggest swing state by 3 percentage points in 2008, and he has signaled he will fight hard for the state again in 2012. Already, it’s clear that he has considerable work to do to make his incumbency an asset, rather than a liability, in a Florida that has drifted more conservative than even four years ago.” (Ron Sachs quoted in Tampa Bay News).

The Feb 2011 CPAC straw poll demonstrated the enthusiasm that conservative voters have for tenth amendment supporters like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, who both featured in the top three when pitted against well known GOP favorites like Bachman, Cain, Huckabee, Palin, Romney, and Santorum.


Intrastate Commerce Act Advancing in Florida

The Florida Tenth Amendment Center and Florida Campaign for Liberty are pleased to announce that the Intrastate Commerce Act has secured a sponsor in the Senate and was filed on March 1, 2011 by Senator Greg Evers. The legislation will help Florida adhere to the separation of powers called for under the Tenth Amendment of the US constitution and will prevent the Federal Government from regulating Intrastate Commerce where a good or service is provided by Floridians to Floridians.

SB1478 has many advantages. Unlike various firearm freedom act and food freedom protection acts, the intrastate commerce act covers every item manufactured and used inside a sovereign state. And unlike the non-binding memorial currently being considered in the Florida House, SB1478 has the force of law and includes the ability to enforce penalties against Federal Agents who harass Florida businesses.

Recently Federal Judge in NW Florida ruled that the Federal Government had over-stepped its authority in forcing citizens of the states to purchase health insurance. Greg Evers has this to say about the ruling:


Don’t surrender to EPA over-reach

An open letter to Rick Scott from the Florida Tenth Amendment Center:
 Don’t surrender to EPA over-reach.

Many Floridians who voted for you believe that Washington DC is out of control in its spending. Your 7-7-7 plan for Florida does a great job of pointing out that Tallahassee is likewise out of control in its spending.  We appreciate your willingness to have the difficult conversations, to not accept band-aid solutions, and to make tough choices. 

We’d like to congratulate you on the transparency of the work being done by your transition team and we’d like to applaud your commitment to refuse Federal money which has strings attached to permanently increase Florida’s spending. It seems that you are indeed ready to ‘get to work’ and we’re glad to see it.

But Floridians are looking to you for leadership not just to remedy Tallahassee’s issues but also to stand up to Washington where they have overstepped their constitutional authority. This brings us to one area in your 7-7-7 plan that we would like to provide some strong feedback: Environmental Protection.


Good tidings of great joy.

During this season when Americans focus on what they are thankful for and when they rejoice in good will towards men, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight some good news for lovers of liberty.

To be sure, despite the recent election success, there have been many disappointments and much evidence that many in DC plan to continue politics as usual. The earmark ban was shot down, the budget has been funded even though the actual budget has not seen the light of day, and many nominations have been filled with people who have no particular allegiance to constitutional principles.

But there are also encouraging signs that liberty loving citizens who hold public office are resolute on making a difference and are attaining positions of influence and authority. For the sake of brevity let’s look at two items we can be thankful for; one at the Federal level and one at the state.