Maryland Sovereignty Resolution

On December 19, 2009 we challenged MD legislators on The Forgotten Men radio show (on 930 WFMD) to introduce 10th Amendment legislation. One sitting MD state Senator called in and committed to it.

Maryland now joins the growing number of States that have introduced non-partisan State Sovereignty resolutions. While a resolution doesn’t carry the force law, it nevertheless delivers a message; A message that firmly supports what the framers intended.


Guard the Constitution

“Guard the Constitution” monologue (by Joshua Lyons) on the Jan. 16, 2010 “The Forgotten Men” radio show along with commentary by Mark Kreslins. For the transcript of the Monologue, contact us at Excerpt: its important to understand the nature of how we have gotten here. We as a people, our educational system, the court…


The Paradigm Shift: Shedding Predictability

Until we shed the skin of predictability and focus on the only entity that will successfully limit the overreach of the federal government, we will continue to lose our freedoms and liberties at breakneck speed. Become part of the growing liberty movement that is breaking the cycle of predictability and join us in executing the “The Paradigm Shift.”