Is the Tea Party Dead? Don’t Count Them Out.

The mainstream media, the pollsters, and the two major political parties are all quick to declare the Tea Party Movement dead. Establishment forces on both sides of the issues facing our Republic find comfort in minimizing the Tea Party faction.

At the inception of the Republican primaries, the Washington Times and the Zogby organization partnered to follow the Republican candidates. An early finding was that those who were sympathetic to the Tea Party were found to be far more pragmatic than expected. The poll found that 58 percent of the Tea Parties were ready to back anyone who could defeat Obama. According to the Zogby poll, those not sympathetic to the Tea Party were more likely to be ideologically driven, with only about 40 percent saying “beating the president was more important than picking someone who shared all their views.”

We do not challenge the Zogby finding, but we feel that pollsters have failed to discern major structural issues within the Tea Party Movement. Those who see the Tea Party as simply anti-Obama people lacking constitutional principles should consider what follows.

We all know that the “grass-roots” Tea Party movement had its start with the tax rallies in 2009 and the rallies up to and through the 2010 elections. The Tea Party had a great influence on electing Republicans. The Tea Parties have the ability to attract large numbers of people to their events, where the GOP does not. Seeing the value of the Tea Parties’ usefulness, we believe that local Republican Executive Committees (RECs) started infiltrating the newly forming Tea Party leadership teams all over the country.


Pitching the Tenth or promoting the Tenth? Clear Choice

In reviewing Charles P. Pierce’s “Pitching the Tenth” article which recently appeared on, it is always amazing to me when those of the left, tell us exactly who they are by projecting their values, or lack of values, upon their perceived enemies.

Mr. Pierce bases much of his article on Kenneth Stern the author of The Force Upon the Plain, who is preoccupied with ‘Politics of Hate,’ along with armed citizens. Also quoted is a former Colorado State Senator, Charlie Duke, who has fallen on hard times and who has been discredited by some on the left. The article, not showing the skill set of a journalist of 36 years, attempts to credit the ‘militia movement’ as the driving force behind the ‘Tenther movement’ and also the driving force behind “Tenth Amendment Resolutions” in numerous states. Oh, and the militias are forcing the establishment Republican candidates to join in so they can be elected. The militias are also causing State governments to be corrupt. Seriously, is there anyone or thing that the militias don’t influence?

Wow, I don’t know what to say. Well, let’s see, maybe,” The militias are coming , the militias coming.”

But wait a minute; the use of force is exactly what the left does. Maybe that’s why they’re so paranoid over the militias. They don’t call their troops militias, but they have and are using force in groups such as Acorn, SEIU, and other unions to move their progressive agenda. It will happen in Obama ‘s proposed mandatory civilian service corps if it is ever formed.