The Poop and Plunge: Brought to You by Uncle Sam

I am pissed off.  Or more accurately pooped off.  But that just doesn’t sound right.

You see, I have a serious problem.  Whenever I poop, I inevitably have to plunge to get my toilet to flush.

About a year ago I decided to listen to a guy named Robert Scott Bell and nullify the FDA approved pharmaceutical monopoly on healing in my personal life by using silver hydrosol, aloe juice, and a daily dose of chia seeds among a host of other things to improve my health – none of which are FDA approved for medicinal use.  It’s all worked beautifully except for this one pesky problem.  My poor government-approved toilet just cannot cope with a colon that functions like greased lightning (pun fully intended).

In 1992, the Energy Policy and Conservation Act was passed that banned 3.5 gallon toilets in favor of toilets using only 1.6 gallons.

Maybe it was all a plot to force Americans to get into shape.  As a result, I now get my daily workout by spending up to 5 minutes at a time, plunging vigorously with all my might trying to get my infernal government-approved toilet to flush.  Who knew plunging was such great cardio?

Perhaps it’s a government initiative to subsidize the plunger industry.  Or maybe it was bought and paid in political contributions from the pressure washer industry, because to be honest I’m beginning to think that’s what it’s going to take to get the blasted thing to flush properly.

It’s driving me bonkers.


Sheriffs First/NDAA Nullification Moving in Tennessee This Week!

HB2619 has been calendared for review on Wednesday, March 14 by the General Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. This is a good step forward in that the bill is back on the calendar for the subcommittee.  But all indications are that there are amendments coming, so we need to be especially watchful of any modifications they may try to make the bill.

This past week, one of TN-TAC’s Facebook members posted a response he received from Speaker Harwell that seems to indicate amendments are forthcoming.

Thank you for your email regarding House Bill 2619. At present, the bill is in the Judiciary Subcommittee. I have spoken to the sponsor of the legislation, and he is working diligently on the bill to find language that will give the state standing when the federal government overreaches its authority when dealing with Tennessee citizens.

I know this issue is important to many Tennesseans, and I am a strong supporter of the 10th Amendment. The federal government often oversteps its bounds and we must be vigilant to ensure our rights as a state and our principles as Tennesseans are protected.

I will continue discussions with the sponsor of the legislation, and I am supportive of his efforts. Again, thank you for your thoughts on this issue, and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of service to you in the future.

Thank you,

Speaker Beth Harwell

So far, no amendments to the bill have been posted on the Tennessee General Assembly’s web site.  This is still not a good sign.  In an e-mail sent to Tennessee Firearms Association members regarding the Employee Safe Commute Bill currently pending in the House, the TFA stated:


Time to Make Some Noise for NDAA Nullification in Tennessee!

As of now, the Law Enforcement Communications Act (HB2619/SB2669)has been taken off notice in the General Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee.  The reason is that there has been so much opposition to the legislation, specifically from Republican members of the subcommittee, that the sponsor, Rep. Bill Dunn, has taken it off notice to prevent it from getting voted down.

Quite simply, the only way to get this bill passed is to call down the thunder and lightning on these legislators in the form of phone calls and e-mails to insist that they pass this bill.  If we don’t raise a torrential storm of calls and e-mails, this bill will go nowhere.

It’s time to make some noise Tennesseans, and stop the NDAA in its tracks!

Action Items:

1.  Contact the members of the subcommittee and demand that they pass HB2619/SB2669 without weakening it in any way.  Be polite but firm and let them know that if they do not pass this bill, you will work hard to make sure that they are not in office in 2013.  Keep in mind that we are getting opposition from legislators in both political parties.


Legislative Alert: They’re Laughing At Us!

I don’t understand politicians.  Truthfully, I probably never will.

You and I make decisions every day to do the right thing, even when the benefit to us may not be quite so great as not doing the right thing.

Unfortunately the majority of our state legislators seem unable to do what you and I do every day.

For instance, the subcommittee of the Tennessee House Judiciary Committee had the chance to do the right thing on Wednesday to protect Tennesseans from unconstitutional encroachments of the federal government and resist the evil indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA by voting for HB2619/SB2669.

Instead, they chose to hem and haw and stall.

Van Irion, the Lead Counsel for the Liberty Legal Foundation and former congressional candidate, is one of the co-authors of HB2619 which went before the subcommittee.  He testified before the subcommittee for about an hour.  His report, along with a link to the video of the proceedings, is below:


Tennessee vs. the Federal Playground Bully

cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center

On the heels of the passage of the Tennessee Health Freedom Act last year, Governor Haslam and the Tennessee General Assembly continue their quiet work spearheading the backdoor implementation of Obamacare in Tennessee.

Bills like HB2839 by Rep. Charles Sargent have been introduced into the legislature, designed to build the exchanges required to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. While the bill was withdrawn today from the Tennessee General Assembly due to protest, this is still a sobering reality check with regards to the strength of will and character of our state government (or lack thereof).

In fact, Governor Bill Haslam has even accepted money from the federal government to build the health care exchange.


NDAA Action Alert in Tennessee

Legislative Alert: NDAA Nullification/Sheriffs First Bill to Be Heard in Committee This Week

The combination NDAA/Sheriffs First bill HB 2619/SB 2669 is heading to the General Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, February 8.  This is the critical first step for the bill and we have to start swamping our legislators with contacts expressing our support for the bill, and demanding that our legislators do not weaken the bill by amending it.

To read more about the bill and what it does in nullifying not the just NDAA, but all unconstitutional actions of the federal government, click here.

Quite simply, this bill is Priority Number One here at TN-TAC.  Start contacting these legislators NOW to express your support, and let them know that you want the bill passed as written.  Remember to be polite and courteous, but firm in your contacts with our legislators.


Nullify the NDAA!

cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center

The National Defense Authorization Act is one of the greatest abominations of our time.  It is time to call our state government to action to defend the liberties of Tennesseans and nullify this unconstitutional monstrosity.  The Tenth Amendment Center has a draft of model legislation to nullify the NDAA coming out in a few days.  We need to begin petitioning our legislature and governor for action immediately.

Please begin contacting your state legislators and the governor NOW, either by using the letter below or by drafting your own.  For contact information for your state legislator, visit and enter your address.  Governor Haslam’s contact information is:

Governor Bill Haslam
1st Floor, State Capitol
Nashville,  TN   37243
(615) 741-2001


Dear __________:

The NDAA is the single biggest evisceration of our Bill of Rights in our lifetime.  Never before have the definitions of terrorist and terrorist supporter been defined so broadly and vague; never before have we codified into law a president’s nonexistent authority to arrest and detain American citizens on American soil.  The arrest and detention provisions of NDAA have been condemned as the most egregious assault on our fundamental legal rights of protection under the Bill of Rights in history.


Tennessee: 2012 State Legislative Priorities

The Tennessee General Assembly will begin its 2012 legislative session this week.  This begins the hard work of communicating with and encouraging our state legislators to stand up to the continued encroachments of the federal government on the rights of the citizens of the State of Tennessee.  For 2012, we are keeping our priorities simple.

Priority 1: Sheriffs First (HB0959/SB1108)

Last year, Sen. Stacey Campfield and Rep. Bill Dunn introduced legislation that will require federal law enforcement officers to seek the permission of the county sheriff before executing an arrest, search, or seizure in the state of Tennessee except in specific situations.  The bill states:

“A federal employee who is not designated by state law as a Tennessee peace officer may not make an arrest, search, or seizure in this state without the written permission of the sheriff or designee of the sheriff of the county in which the arrest, search, or seizure will occur.”

Why is this bill needed?  We have seen a vast erosion of our rights as Tennesseans and Americans, even over just the last year.  With the Gibson Guitar factory raids, the extension of the Patriot act, and now the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) containing language that could be construed to allow for the indefinite detention of Tennesseans without probable cause or a trial it is critical that our state and local officials stand up to this overreach and provide real protection for Tennesseans from these egregious unconstitutional actions of the federal government.


Feds Conduct Gestapo-Style Raids on Tennessee Guitar Maker

On Wednesday, August 24, federal agents conducted a Gestapo-style raid, complete with automatic weapons and bulletproof vests, on Gibson Guitars manufacturing facilities in Nashville and Memphis. The reason for all the firepower and spent taxpayer money to fly in agents from New Orleans, Albuquerque, and Washington, DC to take part in the raid?  The federal government executed search warrants to seize wood – yes, wood – from Gibson that they allege was imported illegally.

What were the feds expecting Gibson employees to do that required SWAT gear, make the federal agents cringe by playing out of tune guitars at them?

According to statements by Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz at a press conference following the raids, Gibson was never informed by the federal government as to the charges leveled against the company.

“What is more troubling is that the Justice Department’s position is that any guitar that we ship out of this facility is potentially an obstruction of justice, and to be followed with criminal charges,” Juszkiewicz said.

In other words, to add insult to the injury inflicted when the federal government took Gibson’s property without informing them of the charges –  a violation of the Sixth Amendment right of the accused “to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation,” they have also attempted to shut down Gibson’s business by preventing them from moving any guitars outside of the searched facilities.


Stealing Haslam’s Money

cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center

You are stealing Governor Bill Haslam’s money. And he’s not happy about it.  In fact, he’s downright upset about it.  After all, how can any self-respecting Tennessean be so selfish as to try to hold on to more than their fair share of the money the benevolent state and federal governments allow them to keep from their labors.

It’s a national tragedy that’s playing out in states all across the country.  In every state of the union, citizens are trying to keep too much money.  After all, it’s not even your money.  What you don’t understand is that all money belongs to the government.  See, this is how it really works:  you work hard at your job to earn money for the government, and because the government is so nice they actually designate a portion of it for you to keep.  Isn’t that great?

But it doesn’t stop there.  Then the state government has to take its cut.  Because Tennessee doesn’t have an income tax (thank heavens!), we have to pay sales tax.

According to Governor Haslam the state of Tennessee is losing between $300 and $500 million because of untaxed internet sales.

Did you get that?  Haslam thinks the money in your pocket belongs to the state of Tennessee.  The state of Tennessee isn’t LOSING anything.  It’s YOUR money!  You get to decide how to spend it, not him.