Tennessee Senate Passes Health Care Freedom Act

On Wednesday, the Tennessee Senate passed SB0079, the Tennessee Health Care Freedom Act sponsored by Sen. Mae Beavers.  The bill passed with 21 Ayes, 10 Nays, and one Present Not Voting.  The Tennessee Health Care Freedom Act is essentially the same bill that passed in the Senate but failed in the House during the 2010 legislative session, with a few minor revisions.

Later in the afternoon, the House companion bill, HB0115 sponsored by Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver, was recommended for passage by the General Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee.  It will be forwarded to the full House Commerce Committee.  Contact information for the House Commerce Committee members is listed below.  Please begin contacting them now to express your support.

The Tennessee Health Care Freedom Act seeks to return the choice of health care and health insurance to individual Tennesseans instead of leaving decisions in the hands of the federal government.  While SB0079 does not nullify the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in its entirety, it prohibits Tennesseans from being penalized if they choose not to participate in a federal or federally-approved health care plan. 


2011 TN-TAC Legislative Priorities

The Tennessee General Assembly is gearing up to conduct the legislative business of Tennesseans in 2011.  Here at the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, we have been preparing by reviewing Tenth Amendment Center model legislation and consulting with liberty leaders throughout the state to determine our top legislative priorities for the 2011 legislative session.  Below are our top six legislative priorities for Tennessee, along with links to download the model legislation.  We encourage you to download and print copies of each piece of legislation and share these with your legislators.  Urge them to sponsor, co-sponsor and support these bills in the Tennessee General Assembly this year.


Adopt a Legislator for the 2011 Legislative Session

The new session of the Tennessee General Assembly will begin in January 2011.  In preparation for the upcoming session, the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center is rolling out its Adopt A Legislator Program for the 2011 session.  With the drastic change in the House’s balance of power, we hope there is a better chance of getting Tenth Amendment legislation passed through the committee structure and onto the House floor this year.

To prepare for the upcoming session, we need to get Tenth Amendment Center model legislation in front of our legislators.  All of our legislation is listed below.  Click on the name of each piece of legislation to download a PDF that you can either e-mail or print and give to your legislators.  Additionally we are in the process of preparing some model legislation to deal with the airport body scanners as well, and hope to have that posted soon.

The important thing is for each person to adopt two or more legislators, either your own senator and representative or others, and help us get this legislation into their hands.  Encourage these legislators to introduce, co-sponsor, and vote for these pieces of legislation that are so critical to asserting Tennessee’s Tenth Amendment powers.  Most importantly, when you have contacted these legislators, go to our Contact Form, and let us know which legislators you have contacted, so we can track which legislators have and have not been contacted.


Declare Your Independence!

Many of us in Tennessee have been greatly disappointed in the outcomes of the August primary.  Unfortunately many of the best party candidates were eliminated during the primaries, and members of the liberty movement in Tennessee have expressed their frustration and concern at the outcome.  The two party system has yet again failed, in most…


TN-TAC on WIVK’s Sound Off

Lesley Swann, State Coordinator for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, was the featured guest on Knoxville’s WIVK “Sound Off” radio show on July 4. Host Josh Blanchard and Lesley discussed the Tea Party movement and the Tenth Amendment during the show. cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center http://tennessee.tenthamendmentcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/audio/Lesley_Swann_Soundoff_070410.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download


TN Health Care Freedom Act Resurrected

In a ninth inning push to protect Tennesseans from the penalty provisions of Obamacare, the state Senate made an unprecedented move to recall from committee SB2560, the companion bill to Rep. Susan Lynn’s Health Care Freedom Act (HB2622).  If passed, HB2622 will write into law a policy statement for all Tennesseans that health care mandates…


Zach Wamp, Physical Education, and the Constitution

Rep. Zach Wamp has been campaigning on state sovereignty, the Tenth Amendment, and “meeting the feds at the border” when they overstep their constitutional bounds.  Yet again, Rep. Wamp’s actions speak louder than words, as in the same breath as he is talking state sovereignty he also brags about legislation that he co-authored which introduces…


TN Action Items: Update for the Week of May 10

Last week, the legislation working its way through the Tennessee General Assembly and Governor’s office took a back seat to the disastrous flooding that occurred in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  If you would like to help your fellow Tennesseans as they work to get back on their feet, WKRN in Nashville has compiled a list…